Napa Valley Sushi Restaurants

There are many different kinds of Napa Valley restaurants. For those who can't live without sushi or are just craving it after a day of visiting wineries and other Napa attractions, rest assured that there are a few fine Napa Valley sushi restaurants to enjoy. However, also be aware that the choices for sushi in Napa will be fewer in this cuisine category compared to, say, French restaurants or steakhouses. In short, finding an excellent Napa sushi bar is certainly possible—just keep in mind that the choices are limited.

One of the great Napa Valley sushi restaurants is C.C. Blue Sushi Bar & Restaurant. Located in St Helena, this restaurant is a prime source for sushi in Napa. The restaurant offers contemporary Japanese cuisine and sushi in a chic but relaxed environment. The focus is on fresh, high-quality ingredients and using new flavor combinations to spice up traditional dishes. If you're looking for a Napa sushi bar, C.C. Blue Sushi Bar & Restaurant has that too, with great sashimi and rolls.

Another option for sushi in Napa Valley is Go Fish, also located in St Helena. Opened in 2006 by Cindy Pawclyn, the restaurant features a full San Francisco-inspired raw bar and a full sushi and sake bar. One more choice for Napa Valley sushi restaurants is Sushi Mambo, in Napa. Even though sushi isn't Napa's main attraction, restaurants such as C.C. Blue Sushi Bar & Restaurant, Go Fish, and Sushi Mambo ensure that sushi fans can get their fix on a Napa Valley vacation.

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