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The Nixon Library, or the Nixon Presidential Library & Museum, as it is more officially known, is one of 13 Presidential Libraries that can be found in the United States. As is true of the others, it honors the life of the man for whom it is named and serves as a special repository for the papers, records, and other historical materials that relate to his presidency. The Nixon Library also serves as the final resting place of Richard Nixon – the 37th President of the United States. You can find it in Yorba Linda, California (18001 Yorba Linda Boulevard). This city was where Richard Nixon was born in a house that his father built in 1913.


The original dedication of the Nixon Presidential Library Museum occurred in 1990. Nixon passed away four years later. The Nixon Library became a federal facility on July 11, 2007. Funding for the complex came from private sources, and it is estimated that the total cost to build the institution was $25 million. Ground was broken in December 1988 by one of Nixon’s daughters, Julie Nixon Eisenhower. Among those who were present at the 1990 dedication ceremonies were Nixon himself and First Lady Pat Nixon. Also in attendance were then acting President George H.W. Bush, former President Gerald Ford, and former President Ronald Reagan.

Exhibits & Collections

Exhibits & Collections
Exhibits & Collections  Image: StuSeeger (flickr)

The museum building at the Nixon Presidential Library campus is a 52,00-square-foot structure that offers wonderful insight into Nixon’s life and career. Among the things that are housed inside are various artifacts that relate to the Nixon family and an assortment of bronze figures that depict world leaders from Nixon’s time. Other highlights include a limousine that was used by President Nixon during his presidency and a piece of the Berlin Wall. Behind the museum sits the restored home that Nixon was born in. Other things that are available for Nixon Library visitors to interest themselves in are the President’s "Sea King" helicopter and a special exhibit room that is an exact replica of the East Room of the White House. This special exhibit room is often used for weddings, business meetings, and other private events. In the library, millions of pages of White House records from the Nixon Administration and all of Nixon’s presidential papers are among the collection contents.

Top image: dctim1 (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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