Northern California Beaches

From the windswept beaches of the Fort Bragg far in the north to the foggy pebble beaches of the Pt Reyes National Seashore just north of Golden Gate, a California beach on the northern coast is a totally different experience from the bikini filled surfing beaches of Southern California.

With a relatively small population, the north coast is where you can find all the peace and seclusion you could want on a Northern California Vacation. North of San Francisco, the Mendocino coast is close to the biggest trees in the world, which is the Coastal Sequoia. These behemoths grow to be over 20 feet wife and over three hundred feet tall.

The Northern California coast and the giant redwood forests that are remnants of a old coastal rainforest. The last of these mythical coastal rainforests are now confined to the inaccessible reaches of the western coast of Canada.

The temperature along the Northern coast is fairly consistent due to its marine climate, so it is comfortable to visit any time of year. The only time you need to be concerned about California weather if you're deciding when to go is usually only if you are planning a trip to one of the state parks or mountains to visit one of the ski resorts.

Usually, a California beach is going to be a comfortable place with weather that is seasonable and never too cold. While the waters in some beaches like the rip-tides water of Ocean Beach in San Francisco are not suitable for swimming, this and other beaches attract visitors to wander and beach comb for shells. For a relaxing and invigorating trip, you can take in the Pacific from one of the great Northern California Vacation Rentals.

There are tons of campgrounds alone the Northern coast, but its nice to have a rustic retreat to call your own. Ranging from a rustic beachfront cabin to a luxury lodge high on the cliffs, taking a few days to explore lovely coastal areas with lush coastal ranges, sheer cliff faces, and quaint towns all the way from Eureka to Bodega Bay can be best enjoyed in Northern California vacation rentals.

Here in the Northern coast, there are no amusement rides, big cruise ships or crowded boardwalks of Southern California beaches. It is quiet enough here that you can actually hear your own thoughts, and you'll want to return again and again. Once you've found the perfect Northern California vacation rentals, you'll find yourself wanting to escape even more often.

On the Northern Coast you could drive for miles and not see a soul, so its good to know what the major population centers are. While some travelers love the isolation, the lack of major cities makes it so you have to monitor your gas tank and not go too far before filling up again.

The Redwood Forest is a good 300 miles from San Francisco, so if you're touring the coast on a Northern California vacation, you will want to plan ahead, since it will be a long drive. A quick way to get north is on 101. If you haven't been through California this actually is a good ride to take, since you can see some major towns north of San Francisco that you can't see if you here to take the scenic drive up Highway 1.

Instead, Highway 101 takes you right up the center of Northern California, and it takes you through the Humboldt Redwoods State Parks as it veers west towards the coast. The drive south on 1 is more impressive coming south on the outer side of the road that faces the Pacific Ocean, so just before you get up to Willits on 101, get off the Redwood Highway and take the Fort-Bragg-Willits to the coast. It's another 4 hours before you get to the coastal redwoods.

All along the way, there are dozens of state parks to spend the night on and watch the sunset over the Pacific. Although most of the major California attractions are a far cry to the pristine beaches of the north, the incredible scenic drive of the remote North coast is one of the most enjoyable activities you can enjoy on your Northern California vacation.

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