Aquamarine Villas, Oceanside

Aquamarine Villas

711 South Myers Street

Aquamarine Villas is located one block from the beach in beautiful Oceanside, California. Oceanside has 3.5 miles of beach, offering year-round fun in the sun. Guests can enjoy nearby attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, Del Mar racetrack, and Disneyland. 4.8 km to the city center, Railway Station Amtrak 1.6 km, Motorway/ Highway Exit Mission 1.6 km, Exhibition Site Del Mar Fairground 48.3 km, Beach1.6 km, SAN DIEGO ZOO 48.3 km, SAN DIEGO WILD ANIMAL PARK 32.2 km, OCEAN 1.6 km, LEGOLAND 8.1 km, KNOTT'S BERRY FARM 96.6 km.