Palm Springs Car Rentals

Palm Springs car rentals provide what is likely the most useful (almost necessary) and efficient way to explore the Coachella Valley unless you plan to stay in town where you can walk to many of the attractions or are staying in one of the extensive resorts where everything you might need is in one place. Many people come here only for a few days or a long weekend and can find cheap car rentals in Palm Springs by picking only one day for an excursion, and getting the vehicle just for that day. Otherwise, picking up Palm Springs Airport car rentals when you first arrive and then bringing it back to the same location can also save money.

Palm Springs Airport Car Rentals
Palm Springs Airport Car Rentals

Palm Springs Airport car rentals are not always the most economical. This is because the airport is often the busiest with a limited number of vehicles and special promotions and you often only have choices with the major national and international franchises, which are not always as flexible in negotiations. Some people get flights in Los Angeles or San Diego—each only a two to three-hour drive away. This can be more economical, as well as allow you freedom to do some sightseeing en route. It is generally more expensive to pick your vehicle up in one place and drop it off in a different city, so check for extra charges to do that. Additionally, some vacation packages will include a car rental along with flights and hotels.

Other tips on how to find cheap car rentals in Palm Springs is to look for smaller local companies (there are several of these in the area). Check all your loyalty programs with hotels, airlines, and even AAA and look to see if there are any Internet exclusive-promotion codes with the rental companies you are considering.

When to go to Palm Springs is also a factor. There are far fewer cheap car rentals in Palm Springs during the height of the winter season and during special events like major golf tournaments or the Palm Springs Film Festival. Arrive on a Friday night or Monday morning, and you will probably pay more and have a smaller selection of vehicles. However, arrive on a Sunday evening, when many people are returning their vehicles after their vacations, and the rental companies are more likely to deal because of excess vehicles. Finally, even Palm Springs Airport car rentals can be quite inexpensive, especially if you're arriving at the right time of year and right day of the week.

Palm Springs Car Rentals
Palm Springs Car Rentals

This has historically been a glamorous destination since Hollywood movie stars adopted the place in the 1930s and 1940s. This is one of the aspects that makes it a fantastic place for weddings, honeymoons, and other similar events. There are companies that offer exotic and luxury Palm Springs car rentals so you can arrive at the event in grand style in a flashy Ferrari or classic limousine. There are also four-wheel drive Palm Springs car rentals in case you want to go on off-road adventures in Joshua Tree National Park or up into the San Jacinto Mountains. For excursions in Joshua Tree National Park, you can also find ATV vehicles and dirt bikes.

Traditionally, most car rental agencies have required licensed drivers to be at least 25 years old. However, many have now lowered that limit to age 21. Generally, you will pay a higher fee if you are between 21 and 24. A valid US driver's license from any state is required. In some cases, your license from another country is acceptable, and most companies will accept an International Drivers License. In many cases, your own car insurance policy will cover you while you drive a rental car. If not, buy the policy that suits your needs from the rental agency.

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