Coachella Music Festival

Coachella Festival
Coachella Festival  Image: vonlohmann (flickr)

Coachella Music Festival is a popular event that is responsible for attracting thousands of visitors to the Palm Springs area. Launched in 1999, this three-day Palm Springs music festival features plenty of big name acts, so as you might imagine, tickets can go fast. Rooms at the more popular Coachella Music Festival hotels can also go fast, and if you want to camp at the special camping area, it can be a good idea to claim a spot early. Tickets for the campsites almost always sell out quickly. Should the Coachella Palm Springs Music Festival pique your interest, then picking up your tickets as soon as possible is recommended. Make sure to check the tickets page here on Destination360 to find the best deal on tickets to this hot festival.

Coachella Line Up
Coachella Line Up  Image: mild_swearwords (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0

For music fans, the Coachella Music Festival can definitely be worth planning a Palm Springs vacation around. Mid-April is when the festivities go on, and the Palm Springs area city of Indio serves as the host. Among the most popular Coachella Music Festival hotels are the Indio hotels, as they offer the easiest access to the grounds. These hotels include budget-friendly establishments such as the Deluxe Inn and the Economy Inn, and should you wish to upgrade a bit, there's also a Holiday Inn Express in town. Adding to the options for Coachella Music Festival hotels is the hotel that is attached to the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, and there are plenty of other area hotels to choose from between nearby Palm Springs and the other regional cities.

Coachella Parking Map
Coachella Parking Map

The list of past Coachella Music Festival performers is an impressive one. The inaugural event featured such acts as Beck, Morrissey, and Rage Against the Machine, and though the early years were rocky, Perry Farrell and a reunited Jane's Addiction helped to keep the festival alive during the 2001 campaign. Subsequent to 2001, the list of Coachella Music Festival performers includes the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Madonna, Manu Chao, and Jack Johnson, just to name some of the more renowned acts.

Coachella Music Festival
Coachella Music Festival  Image: Corinne.Staley (flickr)

Familiarizing yourself with some of the various ins and outs of the festival can also be a good idea. As you might imagine, no weapons or drugs are permitted on the concert grounds. Visitors are also prohibited from bringing things such as musical instruments, blankets, tents, camel packs, pets, and outside food or beverages onto the concert grounds.

As for things that you can bring with you to the Coachella Music Festival, they include lighters, cigarettes, hats, medium and small-sized backpacks, small beach towels, sun block, and non-professional cameras. Cell phones are also permitted, and you might be interested to know that all festival-goers can enjoy the special events in the campgrounds whether they are camping or not. These events include things such as roller skating parties, dances, and arts and crafts sessions. As a side note, camping tickets do not allow campers to access the concert grounds, and any and all campers must have a festival ticket. If you wish to camp at one of the special areas during this renowned Palm Springs music festival, you must also be at least eighteen years old. Both tent sites and car sites are available.

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