Palm Springs Flights

Palm Springs flights are available from numerous cities in the United States. The main airport here is an international facility, so there are flights from other countries, in particular Canada. While the airport is small, it is world class due to the fact that this area is a popular resort destination.

Palm Springs Flights
Palm Springs Flights

Cheap flights to Palm Springs are available in a number of ways. The first way to ensure that you have cheap flights to Palm Springs is to travel during the off season—the summer months. While it is true that the weather can be quite hot during this time of year (temperatures pushing 110∞ Fahrenheit on average), there are number of worthwhile events occurring during this time, and virtually all hotels, restaurants and other facilities, and vacation rentals have both swimming pools and air conditioning. You may have a smaller selection of flight to choose from during the summer, but the rates will be rock bottom. This is also the time of year when hotels, even the most exclusive luxury hotels and boutique hotels, have the lowest rates.

You can also obtain cheap flights to Palm Springs by considering vacation packages. Those destinations that are further away (like the East Coast and northern part of North America will offer the largest number of packages, and those companies with the highest volume are often to obtain attractive bulk airfares from those airlines that fly into the city. A great way to search for these is with the booking tool on this page, which will help you compare flight and package deals across a number of websites.

There are direct flights to Palm Springs from major US hubs including Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Salt Lake City, and Denver. Some of these flights are seasonal. This is one of the country’s quintessential “snowbird” vacation and retirement destinations (like Florida, Arizona, and the Carolinas), and those from colder climates who can afford it flock here to spend the winter months. This is one reason that there are so many golf courses and vacation rentals in the area. Additionally there are direct flights to Palm Springs on a seasonal basis from Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver in Canada.

The most frequent direct flights to Palm Springs are from Los Angeles and San Diego. Both of these cities (each of which is only a two to three-hour drive away) are major international hubs for flights from around the world, including Europe and Asia. Many people choose to fly to one of these cities and then drive to the Coachella Valley. Car rentals are really needed unless you know you’re only going to be staying in town where you can walk to most of the attractions or at one of the resorts. Picking up and dropping you car in San Diego or Los Angeles will probably be cheaper than leasing on in Palm Springs.

There are also numerous flights from Las Vegas to Palm Springs as this is a popular route. Many of the attractions in each city (in particular casinos, golf, and balmy winter weather) seem to attract a similar demographic. Also, there are a number of events in each city that overlap, especially golf tournament circuits, headliner concerts, and gay travel events.

This region has historically been a vacation destination for the rich and famous. The movie stars of Hollywood, US Presidents, and financial movers and shakers from around the world have been coming here since the 1930s. Many of the place names and attractions in the region bear the name of these famous people, even the main terminal of the Palm Springs Airport. Because of this, a number of Palm Springs flights are on elite private jets. In addition to the main Palm Springs Airport, there are a number of smaller municipal and regional airports in the Coachella Valley that handle this traffic. The Bermuda Dunes Airport near Indio and the Jacqueline Cochran Airport near the Salton Sea are two of them.

Some Palm Springs flights are sightseeing tours that spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes soaring over the magnificent scenery of the San Jacinto Mountains, the southwestern deserts, and Joshua Tree National Park.

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