Gay Hotels in Palm Springs

Gay hotels in Palm Springs provide gay travelers with ideal places to call home while spending time in the Southern California desert, and the best news might just be that there are a bunch of good ones to choose from. Most of the gay accommodations in Palm Springs offer a considerable amount of style, and even clothing optional areas on the premises.

Santiago Resort
Santiago Resort

When searching for gay accommodations in Palm Springs, you might notice that the majority of the gay hotels cater to men. These hotels include the South area's Santiago Resort and Camp Palm Springs, which can be found on Palm Canyon Drive. Among other things, these gay hotels in Palm Springs offer large hot tubs and inviting swimming pools where guests can relax and socialize when they're not out enjoying area attractions such as the Indian Canyons and El Paseo Drive. Both the Santiago Resort and Camp Palm Springs are among the clothing-optional gay accommodations in Palm Springs, so you can pack lightly if you're planning on booking a stay.

Other gay hotels in Palm Springs that might pique your interest are El Mirasol Villas and the East Canyon Hotel and Spa. The El Mirasol Villas complex features private villa accommodations that were built by none other than Howard Hughes. Outside of the cozy and spacious villas, walls and gates help to create a private and tranquil environment, with amenity highlights including DVD players, comfortable king-size beds, and free WiFi. When guests aren't relaxing in their rooms or exploring the attractive grounds during a stay at El Mirasol Villas, they can walk downtown and enjoy some shopping, dining, or nightlife.

Over at the East Canyon Hotel and Spa (pictured), the full-service spa is among the main highlights, and you won't want for stylish and comfortable guest units. Complimentary afternoon cocktails, free continental breakfasts, and free Wi-Fi are among the perks that can be taken advantage of during your stay at this upscale, fifteen-room retreat for gay travelers.

Chaps Inn
Chaps Inn

Since gay accommodations in Palm Springs are relatively easy to come by, you might consider all of the available options when planning your visit. Other gems on the gay hotel front include the Chaps Inn, which was established by two transplants from the UK, and the Inndulge Palm Springs, which has won more than its fair share of awards. If these hotels are fully booked, The View Palm Springs and the Inn Exile are just two more that cater to the needs of gay travelers. As is true of most Palm Springs hotels, these and the other gay hotels lower their rates in the summer, so you might avoid the peak winter season if you are interested in saving some money on your escape to the Southern California desert.

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