Palm Springs Gay Travel

Palm Springs gay travel is one of the top tourism draws of the Coachella Valley. The region and the city of Palm Springs have a history of tolerance dating back to the 1930s and 1940s when it was a playground for Hollywood glitterati. Today, the region celebrates diversity, and the city boasts one of the largest gay communities in the United States.

There are numerous hotels and resorts catering exclusively to the LGBT community, and members of that community are welcome everywhere. Go searching for Palm Springs gay travel options, and you will find everything from charming and intimate bed and breakfasts to resorts famous for their partying atmosphere and everything in between.

Helios Palm Springs is one of the most popular resorts in the city, catering exclusively to gay men. It is located in town, within walking distance of the boarding platform for the spectacular aerial tramway and close to all the happening nightlife of the city. The swimming pool is open 24 hours a day, and the clothing optional atmosphere is definitively frisky. The Helios Palm Springs is a small property with only eleven few rooms, but it does have fairly extensive and lush landscaped grounds. Theme parties occur almost every night, and the place rocks during some of the big LGBT events that pack the city each year. These include the annual Gay Pride weekend in November and the famous White Party that is held around Easter each year. Breakfast is included, but when you stay here your best dining options are available in neighboring restaurants.

The All Worlds Resort is located only a few blocks away from the Helios Palm Springs and is also nestled up against the San Jacinto Mountains. It is a more extensive resort and set on two acres with four swimming pools, sauna, steam rooms, and hot tubs. Rooms range from budget to more spacious, and there are suites with kitchens. Like Helios, the best All Worlds Resort dining is found in the surrounding neighborhood, although there is a very popular Sunday barbeque party with disc jockey music. Both the All Worlds Resort and the Helios offer day and weekend passes to non guests to add to the party atmosphere.

The lesbian community also finds Palm Springs gay travel attractive, and there are several properties catering exclusively to gay women. The Casitas Laquita Resort is a charming inn built in 1932 and located in town a bit west of the airport and is one of the area’s boutique hotels. The Dinah Shore Palm Springs golf tournament (which is officially called the Kraft Nabisco Championship) is one of the four main tournaments in the LPGA golf calendar. It occurs during the end of March and beginning of April and draws huge numbers of lesbian women who “adopted” the event as long ago as the 1970s in response to the then rather revolutionary idea that women could actually compete in professional sports. This is a huge weekend that coincides with the gay men’s spring break White Party Weekend. During this boisterous weekend, nightclubs and gay bars in Palm Springs offer parties and entertainment with nationally known disc jockeys and headline stars like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.

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