Indio California

Indio California is one of the main cities in Southern California's Coachella Valley. Found approximately 25 miles east of Palm Springs, this city is known for a few things, including its famed date fields. In fact, Highway 111, which passes through Indio, is referred to as the Date Highway by locals. Among the top things to do in Indio California is sample some dates, thanks in part to the Oasis Date Gardens. One of the best attractions in Indio, the Oasis Date Gardens is a picturesque date grove that got its start in 1912 when nine date trees from Morocco were planted.

Together with tourism, agriculture is among the main industries in Indio. Citrus groves call the Indio area home, as do vegetable fields, though as is true of the date groves, these groves and fields have been affected by the city's growth. Indio is among the fastest growing cities in the Golden State, and the result over the years has been the loss of agricultural space. All the growth hasn't put an end to the National Date Festival, however, which is an annual event that is held in here. February is the month for this popular festival, and the Riverside County Fairgrounds serves as the host site.

If you can't manage to plan your Indio trip around the National Date Festival, then you might try to swing by and catch the famed Indio International Tamale Festival. Held in December on the Old Town Indio streets, this festival reflects the fact that most of Indio's residents are of Hispanic origin.

Indio California is nicknamed the The City of Festivals, meaning visitors will have the chance to plan their visits around a number of special events. One of the other more renowned festivals that attracts a healthy amount of visitors to the city is the Coachella Valley Music Festival. Other events include the annual polo events that are held at the city's famous polo clubs.

The Indio attractions also include a number of excellent golf courses, so you might not want to leave your clubs at home. Add in all the other Palm Springs area golf courses, and it only gets better. Found in both La Quinta and Indio, the Indian Springs Golf Club is among the most idyllic public courses in the area. Reasonable rates, well-manicured greens, and immaculate mountain views help to make this public golf course a true gem. It is worth mentioning that since this town gets very hot in the summer, golfing is best done during the winter season. In the summer, it's almost always over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day.

The Indio attractions offer something to fit a range of tastes and preferences. Visitors can go hiking in the Indio Hills Palms parkland, which is found next to the beautiful Coachella Valley Preserve. Art enthusiasts, on the other hand, won't want to miss the murals that are found on various buildings in the city's Old Town area. There are approximately ten of these murals, and they help to tell the story of Indio's history and culture. Another popular thing to do in this area is gamble. The casinos in Indio include the wonderful Fantasy Springs Casino. This casino offers some great gaming action, not to mention some other tantalizing entertainment options that are worth keeping in mind. The attached hotel at Fantasy Springs is also worth keeping in mind when trying to find you ideal place to stay in the Palm Springs area.

While it isn't found in Indio proper, the Spotlight 29 Casino is another gaming hot spot that you might add to your list when trying to find casinos in Indio. This casino actually calls the city of Coachella home, though it is very easy to access for Indio residents and visitors alike.

There are more than enough Indio attractions to warrant a visit to this small city in the Colorado Desert of Southern California. When you also consider the other area attractions and the fact that Indio is one of the main gateways to Joshua Tree National Park, then it becomes even more clear that this can make for an excellent vacation destination. October through May is the peak travel season, and as far as the Indio hotels are concerned, there are options to fit most desires. Many visitors, whether they enjoy gambling or not, opt to stay at the Fantasy Springs Casino Resort when visiting Indio. This resort offers excellent rooms at a good price.

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