Knotts Soak City

Knotts Soak City is one of the most popular attractions in Palm Springs during the hot season. Open from mid-March until late September, this is the only water park in the immediate Palm Springs area and offers more than twenty different rides and attractions, and as you can imagine, most are extremely fun and refreshing. Among the most popular attractions at Knotts Soak City in Palm Springs is the 800,000-gallon Wave Pool, which is essentially a huge swimming pool that features machine-created waves. If that isn't enough of a thrill for you, then you can always venture over to the Tidal Wave Tour. This exciting ride features two seven-story waterslides that are sure to take your breath away before depositing you into the pool below.

The Knotts Soak City rides and attractions offer something to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. On the more thrilling side of things, another ride that is not to be missed is Pacific Spin. This raft ride sees riders entering a 132-foot-long tunnel that features a couple big drops. At the bottom, riders zip through a waterfall before splashing into the pool at the bottom. Other more gentle waterslides also figure among the attractions on hand at Knotts Soak City in Palm Springs, which is good news for those who don't want to go big, and the relatively tame raft ride that is known as Surf Rider Rapids can be a good alternative to Pacific Spin. For those who really want to slow things down on a visit, floating along with the current while riding on an inner tube is what the 600-foot Lazy River is all about.

As any good water park should, Knotts Soak City features a few attractions that cater specifically to pint-sized visitors. Among these attractions are Gremmie Lagoon and Kahuna's Beach House. At Gremmie Lagoon, kids who are less than 52 inches tall can zoom down one of two small waterslides and play around in the splash pool. As for Kahuna's Beach House, it is an interactive fun zone where kids who are 40 inches or taller can play on water slides and shoot hose jets, among other things.

During a visit to Knotts Soak City in Palm Springs, enjoying the water rides isn't the only option for things to do. A couple midway games, a temporary airbrush tattoo shop, and a souvenir shop figure among the other attractions, and you can purchase seasonal clothing at the surf shop. For those who are 21 or older, grabbing a drink and swimming in the pool at the Big Island Yacht Club is also a way to keep busy, while visitors of all ages can enjoy the various dining establishments. Burgers, hot dogs, salads, and sandwiches, and ice cream novelties are among the food options.

Also worth noting when it comes to everything that Knotts Soak City has to offer are the cabana rentals around the Wave Pool. These cabanas can accommodate anywhere from eight to sixteen people and feature misters, lounge chairs, club chairs, a table that has an umbrella, a couple inner tubes, and food service.

When looking to buy Knotts Soak City tickets, you might interest yourself in all of the available options. This is especially true if you live in the area and are interested in repeat visits. Discounts on Knotts Soak City tickets are usually available when you purchase your passes online, and for those who live in the area, the season passes are attractively priced. It is possible to pay extra for a season pass that is called a Gold Pass. This pass also allows the holder to access Knott's Theme Park and the two other Soak City Water Parks. Knott's Theme Park can be found in Buena Park, as is true of one of the other Soak City Water Parks. San Diego is where the third water park is located.

As a side note, Knotts Soak City tickets for children ages eleven and under cost less than the regular tickets. Anyone who is 62 or older can also expect to get a special deal, and often times, ticket packages are available for small groups of people and feature discounts across the board. Parking costs extra, and as for the hours, they vary according to the month and day. Generally speaking, Knotts Soak City in Palm Springs opens at either 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. During school months, the park tends to be closed on weekdays.

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