Last Minute Hotel Deals Palm Springs

Last minute hotel deals in Palm Springs are available from virtually every property in the Coachella Valley. Often, even the most exclusive luxury hotels will have these available—sometimes during the peak winter season and even during very popular events. These kinds of peak last minute discounts at Palm Springs hotels become available when properties have unexpected cancellations or occupancy is not at 100 percent for some other reason.

However, if you are coming during the peak season or during special events, it is better to make your plans as far in advance as possible to ensure that you can get into the property of your choice. This is especially true of the smaller and more intimate boutique hotels. Once you have made your advance reservations, keep an eye out for any last minute hotel deals that the property might offer later. Often, if you contact the hotel to advise them you are paying more than the current promotion they have offered, they will give you the same or a similar offer.

Many last minute discounts Palm Springs hotels offer are vacation packages. While weddings are generally planned far in advance and few head off on a honeymoon on the spur of the moment, these kinds of packages are available on short notice—because sometimes romance comes when you least expect it. The most common vacation packages are for spa stays and golfing. With more than 200 golf courses, this is one of the premier destinations in the United States for the sport. There are also scores of spas and spa resorts. Some of the most beautiful spa resorts are exclusive boutique hotels, several of which are located in Desert Hot Springs. Some of the casinos, like the Agua Caliente Casino and the Spa Resort Casino, also have full-service spas, which is fitting since it is the Native American people of this region who first discovered the health and spiritual benefits of the thermal mineral hot springs that bubble up to the surface all over the valley. These large casino resorts provide some of the most frequent promotions offered close to arrival date.

You can also find last minute hotel deals Palm Springs from the airlines that fly into the city. In addition to flights and hotels, sometimes car rentals and complete vacation packages are also available from the airlines. Unless you plan on staying only at a resort or a property in town, car rentals are really necessary to see all there is to see in the valley. There is little public transportation outside of the city of Palm Springs, and many of the attractions are located outside of populated areas. Many of the resorts and hotels will offer shuttle service into town and to major attractions, but the scenery up in the San Jacinto Mountains and in the desert is fabulous. A car gives you the freedom to explore independently and it your own pace.

Another excellent source for last minute discounts Palm Springs hotels is the tool here on the Destination 360 website. This tool helps you to compare all the deals that are available on the Internet, including those from hotels. If you’ve come for special events, check out the Destination 360 link for tickets to concerts and other live performances.

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