Things To Do In Palm Springs

The things to do in Palm Springs are many and range across just about every interest. Palm Springs first achieved notoriety as the “Playground for the Stars” in the mid 1930s. It was during this time that most glamorous of Hollywood icons flocked to the desert to bask in the luxury of the resorts and the surrounding natural beauty that the area had to offer. Today is no different, and there are plenty of things to do in Palm Springs California to entertain both the rich and illustrious, along with everyone else.

Tahquitz Canyon

If you are the outdoorsy type, this place if for you. Located in the Indian Canyons, a climb up Tahquitz Canyon is one of the most rewarding things to do in Palm Springs California – and since its main hiking trail is only a gradual ascent, travelers of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy the picturesque beauty that typifies the area. Palm Springs attractions are everywhere, but the waterfalls, rock art and intricate guided tours puts Tahquitz Canyon at the top of the list.

Aerial Tramway

Things To Do In Palm Springs
Things To Do In Palm Springs

Another great way to explore Palm Springs is by its aerial tramway. Over the course of 15 minutes, you will be lifted 8,500 feet into the San Jacinto Mountains, a sharp contrast to the desert floor where the tram picks up. In the winter, you can move from the heat of the desert into the snowy terrain of the mountains in mere minutes, and a trip is always one of the most popular things to do in Palm Springs, so expect a line when you get there. After 3pm, the tram ride is cheaper, plus you’ll get to take in the sunset from the city’s highest vantage point – if you time it right.

Le Donne Cucina

This city is well-noted as one of the culinary capitals of the West Coast, and Le Donne Cucina serves up some of the best Italian cuisine this side of Bologna. If authentic Italian food is your thing, this will be one of your favorite Palm Springs attractions.

Casablanca Lounge

Still rich with the old-time glamour still remains within the city’s most popular nightlife, follow in the footsteps of luminaries like Frank Sinatra and Humphrey Bogart at one of the most popular bars in Palm Springs. Whether you are looking to recapture old glories or are just curious to see where the stars use to go to recharge (and occasionally still do), the Casablanca Lounge will be one of the highlights of your Palm Springs vacation.

Classic Club Golf

Palm Springs Golf Vacation
Palm Springs Golf Vacation

Glitzy resorts. Natural beauty. These are all well and good, but many visitors head out to Palm Springs for the world famous golf courses. They don’t call if the “Golf Capital of the World” just for fun. And the Classic Club Golf course, home to the annual PGA Tour Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, is the pinnacle of things to do in Palm Springs California if you are anything approaching a golf aficionado.

Elite Land Tour

Palm Springs Joshua Tree
Palm Springs Joshua Tree

Heading out at dusk, this is the best way to see the natural splendor of Palm Springs at night. Spanning both Palm Springs and Joshua Tree, this adventure tour is one of the most popular things to do in Palm Springs California for vacationing families. You get to see all kinds of wildlife and anything else the desert has to offer from the comfort of a fully stocked Hummer, and even get to scour the desert with your very own pair of night vision goggles.

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