Palm Springs Vacations

Palm Springs vacations are available for a variety of budgets and can suit the special interests of a wide range of travelers. Even though this has historically been a glamorous and ritzy destination, there are excellent Palm Springs vacation packages that are quite reasonably priced. If you can handle your betting responsibly, several of the resorts built around the Coachella Valley Native American casinos offer very attractively priced packages. Make sure to check the booking tool on this page to help find vacation packages as it will help you compare deals across a number of popular websites.

Palm Springs Vacations
Palm Springs Vacations

Families looking for cheap Palm Springs vacations can find very comfortable vacation rentals (with careful shopping around, sometimes quite luxurious ones) making for an excellent, active getaway. Since these have fully equipped kitchens, more money can be saved on dining out costs. Young, college-aged people looking for cheap and fun Palm Springs vacations will find them available at the Ace Hotel and Swim Club, located in the downtown area close to all the nightlife and city attractions and nestled up against the pristine wilderness of the San Juan Mountains. Reasonably priced Palm Springs vacation packages catering to the thriving gay travel industry are offered at happening spots like the Helios. But it is Palm Springs luxury vacations for which the area is best known.

This has been a playground for Hollywood movie stars, US Presidents, and the rich and famous since the 1930s and 1940s. Some of the vacation homes available for Palm Springs luxury vacations are full-blown mansions that were designed and lived in by legends like Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Frank Sinatra. The La Quinta Resort and Rancho Las Palmas Resort are exclusive five-star resorts built in the prestigious Country Club Row area between La Quinta and Palm Springs. This area contains well over 100 golf courses, and numerous venues for elaborate weddings. They also have extensive full-service spas, something else that is part of the rich Coachella Valley history. Palm Springs luxury vacations at properties like these provide the ultimate in pampering from gourmet dining to upscale shopping, championship golf to romantic candlelit dinners in your private pool area.

Head to Desert Hot Springs for Palm Springs vacations in serene, intimate spa resorts and the best boutique hotels in the region. This is one of the best spots for honeymoons and other romantic getaways. Or rent an RV for an outdoor adventure for some boating, waterskiing, and camping in the Salton Sea State Recreational Area. The Coachella Valley lies between mountains and desert. You can head 8,500 feet up into the San Jacinto Mountains on the thrilling aerial tramways by boarding it right in the city. At the top you can enjoy gourmet dining in a restaurant with some of the most breathtaking views, or you can spend the day on more than 50 miles of hiking trails. Take an off road excursion in Joshua Tree National Park or enjoy tours of the many celebrity homes in the area.

Palm Springs vacation packages are also offered in conjunction with numerous special events. Several championship golf tournaments are played here each year. Easter week sees spring break revelry, the famous Kraft Nabisco Tournament (founded by Dinah Shore in 1972) played on the Mission Hills Golf Course, and the legendary Jeffrey Sanker White Party.

Palm Springs Vacation Rentals

Palm Springs Vacation Rentals
Palm Springs Vacation Rentals

Palm Springs vacation rentals are even more plentiful than golf courses in the Coachella Valley. Throw a dart at a map of the region, and there are bound to be available properties to suit your needs. Perhaps only the two other main “snowbird” meccas of Florida and Arizona have more. There are many areas surrounding Palm Springs as well that offer a range of rentals worth looking into that are not far with use of a rental car. These include Palm Springs, Indio, and La Quinta.

The majority of Palm Springs rentals are condo villas, townhouses, and single family homes. While many are available from private owners, almost all are through agencies that specialize in vacation homes and from the numerous resorts that have homes and condos within their complexes. A good example of this is Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa, which has one of the area’s traditional luxury hotels with nearly 500 rooms and suites in addition to scores of homes and condos. Palm Springs rentals are also available at the Palm Desert Resort and Country Club, surrounded by seven golf courses including the Indian Wells Golf Course.

The most affordable Palm Springs rentals are modest condos. They are generally fully furnished studios and one- or two-bedroom units. Try the Oasis Villa Resort, located in the center of all the action less than a mile south of the airport. It is surrounded by golf courses, dining venues, shopping outlets, and next to the Knotts Soak City Oasis Water Park, which has a fitness center in addition to water slides, roller coasters, and other thrilling rides. The apartment complex has tennis courts (clay, grass, and hard surface), extensive gardens on 27 acres with four fountains, nine hot tubs, and eight swimming pools. These Palm Springs vacation rentals are extremely popular with young people on a budget who come for spring break and other getaways, and is very reasonably priced.

You are most likely to find a Palm Springs luxury vacation rental as this is a very upscale area. They do, however, come in a variety of price ranges, and you will save money if you do not require every opulent bell and whistle. Don’t worry, swimming pools and air conditioning are hardly considered luxuries, and are as common in houses and condos as refrigerators. You can obtain a significant price reduction and even get a Palm Springs luxury vacation rental if you opt to travel during the (very) hot summer weather. If you are traveling during peak winter months or any of the extremely popular events, it is recommended that you make arrangements for your vacations as far in advance as possible.

Because this is a major snowbird destination, may visitors might actually be considered part-time residents. They generally come from areas in the northern part of North America where it is extremely cold during the winter, although a large number are from places like Los Angeles and come here to get away from the city. Since these people are generally fairly well-to-do, it is a Palm Springs luxury vacation rental that most of them seek. They also come for extended periods, and many of the most luxurious Palm Springs vacation rentals have minimum stay of as long as 60 days. While this also applies to some luxury condo rentals, the majority of them (especially those on resort properties) can be had for stays of a week or even a weekend. If you have found a property that appeals to you for a short-term stay, and it is listed only for longer stays, it pays to invest time in a phone call to see what you can work out with the agent.

Palm Springs Vacation Homes

Palm Springs Vacation Homes
Palm Springs Vacation Homes

Palm Springs vacation homes are plentiful, and located throughout the Coachella Valley. Part of the history of this region is it status as a celebrity playground. You can clearly see this just in the name of the streets and various attractions—from the Sonny Bono Terminal at the airport to Frank Sinatra Drive and the Dinah Shore Golf Course.

There are several exclusive resorts and luxury hotels where movie stars and other celebrities stay while on their own vacations here. However, it is possible to find Palm Springs luxury homes that celebrities designed themselves and actually lived in. One of these is the magnificent Merv Griffin Estate in La Quinta, a 40-acre ranch with a working equestrian ranch and racetrack and a 2,000-square-foot living room. When you find these kinds of historic Palm Springs luxury homes they are apt to come with many of the celebrity’s personal furnishings. The living room of the Griffin Estate contains the entertainment mogul’s beloved Boesendorfer grand piano.

Palm Springs luxury homes do not come cheap. Griffin’s palatial estate goes for about $6,000 per night, close to $200,000 per month. However, you can find a more modest celebrity Palm Springs vacation house rental for a more reasonable rate. The Howard Hughes three-bedroom “bungalow” goes for a mere couple thousand per week and sleeps six people. This is fairly reasonable for families or small groups who may have come for special events like weddings.

In addition to being a celebrity playground, another reason there are so many Palm Springs vacation homes available is that this is one of the premier vacation and retirement destinations in the United States, ranking with southern Florida and Arizona. “Snowbirds” from all over the northern part of the United States and Canada retire or spend their winter vacations here. As a result, there are numerous resorts and vacation developments, some of which are on a time share basis. People with the funds and time like to play golf. They also like to travel, whether it’s abroad or to northern climes for the summer. Thus you will find more than 240 golf courses. And there are houses and condo rentals periodically vacant and available for lease.

If you want a Palm Springs vacation house rental for a family, it’s possible to find one for under $200 or $300 per night—an excellent bargain for a small family with two or three children. Many of these are suburban-type homes in vacation communities with many of the facilities that resorts have, including multiple swimming pools, children’s play area, fitness centers, and spas.

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