Palm Springs Weddings

Palm Springs weddings are hugely popular due to this area's natural beauty, luxurious resorts, and range of things to do. Certainly, Las Vegas sees a larger number of ceremonies due to the relative ease it is to get hitched (and, incidentally, unhitched) in Nevada, but the spectacular landscapes provided by the surrounding deserts and mountains and the numerous gorgeous upscale venues that are available means that Palm Springs wedding packages are top among the special events that occur here throughout the year.

Several hundred couples get married in Palm Springs each year, and the business this generates is increased many fold by the number of visitors who come to participate in the grand event and enjoy further vacations while they’re here. Even more couples who don’t get married here enjoy Palm Springs honeymoons afterward. There are grand resorts and intimate boutique hotels in idyllic natural settings that have facilities suitable to host ceremonies. There is hardly a commercial property anywhere in the Coachella Valley that doesn’t have a suitable venue to suit any couple’s budget and tastes.

Even golf courses get into the act, and many Palm Springs weddings are held in club houses overlooking lush green fairways with sparkling fountains and water features. Palm Springs wedding packages are offered by golf courses from those in Desert Hot Springs nestled up against Joshua Tree National Park to the La Quinta Golf Club near the Salton Sea—and everywhere in between.

Bachelorette parties as well as weddings and Palm Springs honeymoons take advantage of the numerous full-service spas. The history of the region is intricately involved with its geology, which features numerous thermal mineral springs bubbling up to the surface. The Native Americans of the Coachella Valley have known the healing qualities of these springs for centuries. The springs account for many of the place names here, and pioneers and settlers began building bathhouses, sanatoriums, and spas as early as 1897.

There is a glitzy cachet to Palm Springs weddings added to by the Hollywood movie stars who began coming here in the 1930s. Scores of celebrity couples have tied the knot here, and some Palm Springs wedding packages are so exclusive that you need to “be somebody” for the planners to even consider you. But don’t despair, hundreds of wedding planners are ready to help you plan an unforgettable event in a spectacular setting that makes you feel you are somebody. Go to the boutique hotels of Desert Hot Springs for an intimate affair or to the exclusive Parker Palm Springs for one of the best five star experiences available.

This is also a huge gay travel destination, and there are a number of properties and planners specializing in gay and lesbian weddings. Probably more Palm Springs honeymoons and second honeymoons occur than weddings. Many hotels and resorts have developed around a romance theme, and many businesses cater to the kind of intimate atmosphere that encourages romance. Luxury hotels are apt to have romantic suites with private plunge pools and similar amenities. Vacation rentals can be had complete with the kind of butler and housekeeping service that means couples never need to leave. This is now an even more popular gay destination since the 2010 court ruling removing the ban on gay marriages.

You can obtain your license in any California county, and both parties must appear in person to do so. The license (no blood tests required) is valid for 90 days after it was issued. If you are coming from another state or out of the country, you will need to arrive somewhere in California with enough time to apply for the license before the ceremony. Many hotels can assist with the process, but you still must appear in person at a County Recorder's Office with two forms of identification per person to obtain the license.

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