Playa del Rey Beaches

If you want to escape the crowds at the other beaches in Los Angeles, the Playa Del Rey beaches are pretty ideal. Playa Del Rey California is a district within the city limits of Los Angeles, and downtown L.A. is just nineteen miles away. Even closer to Playa Del Rey is the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and while plane noise can be a distraction for some, others figure it to be a good trade-off for the decrease in fellow beachgoers.

Come nightfall in Playa Del Rey California, the lights of downtown Los Angeles to the northeast are visible, and when you awake in the morning, it’s often possible to see a blue heron or a snowy egret traipsing through the district’s Ballona Wetlands. Playa Del Rey is so low key that you might think that you’re worlds away from Los Angeles, and that’s what makes it such a cherished destination. Residents here love their Playa Del Rey beaches, and you can bet that they want to keep them a secret.

The Playa Del Rey beaches and the Playa Del Rey Park both open to the public at 5 a.m., and they don’t close until 10:30 p.m., which means that you’ll have plenty of time during each and every day to enjoy them. Catching the sunset here before heading to one of the district’s restaurants is a good way to usher in the evening, and during the day, there are recreational opportunities that can keep you entertained. Of course, soaking up some sun and perhaps catching a quick nap on the soft sand at the Playa Del Rey beaches is just fine by most. The Playa Del Rey beaches are wide and expansive, so there is plenty of room to set up camp on them. There are some small dunes here that help to make the beaches quite attractive, and from them, you can see the Marina Del Rey Harbor which is just up the coast. Further north up the coast is Venice Beach, which another great place to hang out, but it is a much more crowded destination where you certainly won’t find the kind of respite from the crowds that you will in Playa Del Rey. To the south of Playa Del Rey are the beaches of El Segundo, which are also a good choice if you want relative solitude.

Playa Del Rey translates to “Beach of the King” and indeed the beaches are the best attractions in Playa del Rey. There are public restrooms available at the beaches, and while there are no food concessions here, you can walk the short walk into town to duck into a restaurant. Just west of the public restrooms here is a bike path where you can cycle, jog, rollerblade, or simply enjoy a languid stroll. There are sand volleyball courts on the beaches, so if you want to get some exercise that way, there is usually an empty court to enjoy. Free street parking is available near the beaches on Pacific Avenue.

Besides the beaches, other attractions in Playa Del Rey include the aforementioned wetlands and Playa Del Rey Park. The bicycle path that passes through here is also one of the featured attractions in Playa Del Rey, and it stretches for some six miles, starting in Culver City and ending in Marina Del Rey. As you pedal or stroll along the path, you’ll pass the Ballona Wetlands, which are often a topic of hot debate between residents and the developers who are always looking to build here. Hopefully, the developers won’t ever get their way, as these wetlands offer a refreshing natural environment in a city that is already almost completely developed. Regardless of why you visit Playa del Rey California, there is something to make your trip worthwhile.

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