Point Mugu

Point Mugu sits on the Pacific Coast within Ventura County in the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s home to popular Point Mugu State Park where more than five miles of pristine shoreline and bluffs, sand dunes, and seventy miles of prime hiking trails are located. “Muwu,” translates to ‘beach’ in the Chumash Indian language. The U.S. Navy test facility nearby also bears the name: NAS Point Mugu.

Point Mugu State Park

Point Mugu State Park
Point Mugu State Park

Point Mugu State Park is essentially three separate areas: Sycamore Canyon, La Jolla Canyon, and Boney Mountain Wilderness Area. Rancho Sierra Vista is north of Mugu. Point Mugu State Park is a beloved destination for cyclists and hikers seeking the best trails in the area around Thousand Oaks and Conejo Valley California. Both novice and intermediate hikers and cyclists are ideally accommodated throughout the winding network of trails. Sycamore Canyon is the most popular point for active pursuits within the park.  Fire roads and single tracks are most abundant and free of ruts and loose, rocky ground. Also inside the park is Boney Mountain Wilderness where hiking trails are perfect for those with experience. Steeper, longer, and sometimes rutted or rocky, the trails are secluded and offer scenic views of the distant peaks and nearby valleys.

Point Mugu Camping

In Point Mugu there are two popular campgrounds; Thornhill Broome Beach and Sycamore Hill. Thornhill Broome Beach Campground is edged in between the Pacific Coast Highway and the surf, encompassing two of the park’s five miles of beautiful coastline. The 69 campsites create a chain of primitive camping sites with a handful of amenities including a beach shower, roadside spigots, and chemical toilets. Just a half-hour from the Pacific Coast Highway is the Sycamore Hill Campground, set within the mountains and perfect for campers looking for mountain-based activities. Plenty of shade is found here along with restrooms and showers. Most park trails can be accessed easily from the campground.


Surfing is a popular activity at Point Mugu State Park.  The fact that the Thornhill Broome Beach campground offers immediate access to the surf is a big draw for most surfers as is the scenery but it’s the waves that keep them coming back. World class wave quality is available on a regular basis with a left and right beach break and a sandy bottom. The powerful waves are fast, hollow, and fun. On a good day, wave lengths reach anywhere from 50 to 150 meters. Swells power in from the west, southwest and south and the wind blows in from the north, northwest, and east. The beach gets crowded on the weekends and fairly empty weekdays.

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