Redwood National Park

Redwood Trees in the Sequoia National forest and on the north coast of California are one of most impressive outdoor attractions you can experience. The Northern Coast is home to some of the oldest and tallest tree, the Coastal Redwood.

There are two different types of Giant Sequoia in California, one species is the Sierra Redwood that grows in the Sequoia National Forest, and other is the coastal redwood trees that are in the Redwood National Park.

In the shade of the giant redwood tree, smaller species like Hemlock, Spruce, and Douglas Fir tree fill the Redwood National Park. Sword ferns and berry bushes only add to the foliage. 37 miles of purifying coastline set in the Redwood National Forest await you on a California Coast vacation.

Redwood National Park
Redwood National Park

There are subtle differences between the coastal areas of the cool, remote Northern Beaches and the captivation beaches of Central Coast. In the north, the water seems wild and untamed, the trees are huge, swallowing the sun early in the day, the cliffs are tall, and the roads are daunting with unprotected drop-offs that you won't believe you're actually driving on. A California Coast vacation is one of the best ways to take in a large part of California. The coastal mountain range is covered with Redwood trees, and has some steep dramatic views.

Although and the Redwood National Park is very far north in California, its worth starting your scenic drive on Highway 1 north of where it begins. You are hundreds of miles from San Francisco, when you are this far north. This is the thrilling first part of the Highway 1 drive, the best way to experience California coast travel. You have the anticipation of the wildflower coasts of Central California, but for now, the ancient trees and the endless Pacific Ocean surrounds you. The Northern Coast of California is undoubtedly stirring to the core, and the giant Redwood trees will soothe you with their quiet power. A California coast vacation rewards you with some of the most serene inspiring moments of your trip.

There is another section of Redwood forest in the state. The Avenue of the Giants is in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park, and takes you to an impressive forest that lines either sides of the road, so you can stop here before you get to the major California Coast travel. The trail through the redwoods is on Highway 254, which junctions off Highway 101 when you're approaching from the south. This is about 100 miles south of the Redwood National Park.

Here, there area about 100,000 acres of the fast-growing redwood, which grow as much as five feet a year when they're young. To get to the tallest Redwood trees, which are marked with a plaque, go North three miles from the Redwood Information Center to Bald Hills Road, which you turn right onto. Go 7 miles until you get to the C-line Road. You will then have to open the gate with a combination given to you at the Redwood Information center. It is another 6 miles to the trailhead that foes to take you to the tallest trees.

To be in the presence of ancient trees is a humbling experience. Gazing at the majestic redwood; you will have the most moving moments that a visit to a giant Sequoia can't be put into word, it can only be experienced.

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