Sacramento California

Sacramento California
Sacramento California  Image: Tom Myers/Sacramento CVB

Sacramento California is a city that has achieved global status (a designation given to city’s with economies of global importance). It is a vibrant city that offers arts and culture as well as professional sports and a range of activities both indoors and outdoors. This sixth largest city in California is also the state capital and represents the fourth largest metropolitan area in the state behind Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. Sacramento CA is a place where the entire family can enjoy a vacation together. The proximity to the Bay Area and other points of interest in north central California add to the city’s appeal.

Sacramento’s neighborhoods are divided into four sections—Areas One through Four. Area One generally comprises central and eastern portion of the city, featuring neighborhoods like Boulevard Park, Downtown, and East Sacramento. Area Two occupies the southwestern part of town and Hollywood Park, Greenhaven, Freeport Manor, and Curtis Park, among others. Area Three is the southeastern part of the city. Neighborhoods here include Industrial Park, Elmhurst, Colonial Village, and Colonial Heights. Lastly, Area Four, which is situated north of the American River, comprises neighborhoods like Valley View Acres, Woodlake, and North Sacramento.

Each of the areas offers a distinct experience, unique restaurants and cafes, and a variety of cultural attractions. Sacramento State University is located right in town and the University of California Davis is just a few miles away. This lends to the excitement and vibrancy of the town and its arts scene.

There are several annual events of particular interest in Sacramento, including the California State Fair, the Pacific Rim Street Fest, and the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. Even though these are exciting times, there are plenty of things to do throughout the rest of the year in Sacramento. The Sacramento Ballet and Sacramento Philharmonic Orchestra provide top-notch entertainment and there are a number of galleries and museums, including the Crocker Art Museum, the Sacramento Railroad Museum, and the California Automobile Museum. And you do not have to break the bank in order to enjoy art attractions in Sacramento. There are a variety of free public art installations at places like the Convention Center and the Convention Center Sculpture Garden (located at 13th Street and K Street).

You may decide, after a long day of exploring the art and culture of Sacramento, that dinner and entertainment are in order for the evening. There is a broad selection of restaurants, bars, and clubs distributed throughout the city as well as many entertainment venues as places to see live music, dance, and other performing arts. Arco Arena is home base for the Sacramento Kings. Grabbing tickets to see the Sacramento’s NBA team can be a perfect cap to a great day in the capital of California.

You will find that there are plenty of hotels in Sacramento. There are luxury hotels, budget motels, boutique-style accommodations, and vacation rentals. This culturally diverse and historic town offers many opportunities for family-friendly activities. The city is well-connected in terms of public transportation so you should have no problem getting around the city if you choose to leave the car at the hotel.

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