San Diego Beaches

San Diego beaches are easily some of the most beautiful on the entire west coast. Going to the beach is a way of life in San Diego. Whether this mean going surfing or boating or simply relaxing, lying out in the sun or taking a stroll, the beaches in San Diego are simply spectacular. It is difficult to pin down exactly which is the best beach in San Diego because there are so many of a high quality. Most every beach is manned with professional lifeguards and each one is regularly manicured and maintained—these are some of the best beaches in the state.

Coronado has one of the most popular beaches in San Diego and was recently given the distinction of one of the top beaches in America by the Travel Channel. The large mansions and yacht clubs that line the shores give a certain sense of opulence at this clean and family-friendly beach. Coronado Beach is patrolled by lifeguards and the surrounding facilities are impeccably clean, making this a preferable destination for families with young children. The white sand and wide beach make it possible for a lot of people to join in on the fun so, at times, Coronado can be one of the busier beaches in San Diego.

San Diego Beaches
San Diego Beaches

Coronado is divided up into three areas. North Beach stretches from Sunset Park to the North Island Navy Base. This is a popular area for local surfers. Although Central Beach tends to be the most crowded, it is also the most alluring with waiters serving drinks to people on the boardwalk and dining at the Grand Old Hotel available just a few steps away. Lastly, the Shores is a beach that faces the southwest where long boarders and body boarders head to enjoy favorable beach conditions year round. Each of these three San Diego beaches are extremely well kept and nearby is an array of restaurants and hotels.

Encinitas is another of the popular beaches in San Diego. It is located in an area of San Diego (Encinitas) that is known for its eclectic and free-spirited way of life. The beach is just one part of an overall lifestyle that emphasizes health and wellness in the community. The three clean and well-guarded beaches that accentuate this neighborhood are Moonlight State Beach, D Street Beach, and Swami’s. Swami’s is the part of the beach where surfers go to catch some of the best breaks on the coast. Surfers may in fact give it the distinction of best beach in San Diego. D Street is a rocky coastline that is more suited for adventurous surfers while the Moonlight State Beach portion is perfect for families with its sandy beaches, lifeguards, and facilities. You’ll even find a snack bar right on the beach.

San Diego Vacation Beach Rentals
San Diego Vacation Beach Rentals

The Del Mar beaches provide a different but equally engaging setting for beach going in this coastal city. As with Coronado Beach and Encinitas, there are several main beaches that Del Mar comprises. The River Mouth is a wide and clean beach that is not necessarily the best for swimming because of the sand bars, but may be perfect for relaxing on the beach. Dogs are allowed and often people set off big volleyball games. There are many options for dining, nightlife, and accommodations in close proximity. Many people would argue that the Del Mar City Beach is the best beach in San Diego as well. Depending on preferences and proximity, there are many options for just which beach is the best. The beach itself is lined with impressive mansions and colorful flags. There is beach access every block, but parking is not that easy. In fact, this is the most common complaint with locals about the beach.

Among San Diego beaches, Mission Beach may be the most eclectic. It has something of a Coney Island feel in that there are lots of shops, clubs, beach attractions, and places to eat, and people skating and cycling by. The beach is divided up into North and South Mission Beach as well as Belmont Park. This is one of the destinations where you will not be wondering about things to do at San Diego beaches. The fun never ends on Mission Beach. It is one of the beaches in San Diego near popular attractions such as Seaworld and within easy driving distance of all the most alluring attractions in the city. Pacific Beach and Solana Beach are also two notable beaches of interest in San Diego.

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