Black's Beach San Diego

Black’s Beach San Diego is located in a private section of beach below the bluffs of Torrey Pines in La Jolla. It is known widely as the nude beach in San Diego, but offers much more than a pleasant experience for naturists. Black’s Beach is divided into northern and southern portions. The southern part of the beach, known as Torrey Pines City Beach, is jointly owned by the city of San Diego and as a result, the practice of nude sun bathing is no longer tolerated. Essentially, the northern part is the only nude beach in San Diego.

Black’s Beach San Diego is approximately three miles north of La Jolla Shores Beach, another exclusive, residential part of San Diego with a fantastic shoreline. The 300-foot bluffs at Torrey Pines that rise high above Black’s Beach are nothing short of impressive and beautiful. Where so many of the beaches in San Diego are packed with people, Black’s Beach maintains a certain privacy and tranquility. Perhaps this is due in large part to the exclusivity of the area, but the beach is a perfect destination if you are looking for a relaxing and private beach excursion in San Diego.

Black’s Beach surfing is notorious around the city. In fact, the southern part of the beach is widely considered with local surfers to be the strongest surf breaks in Southern California. These massive and powerful breaks gain their momentum because of the tidal effects caused by an underwater canyon called Scripps Canyon that makes this an area suitable only for advanced surfers. Black’s Beach surfing has gained its reputation over the years and now is a Mecca for area surfers and surfers from all over the world who trek to San Diego to show off their skills. Surfing is quite literally a part of the way of life in San Diego. Long boarding, body boarding, and sailing are also prevalent, but are not in the fabric of the community to the degree that surfing is. Black’s Beach surfing is as good as it comes in San Diego.

Blacks Beach near La Jolla has several access points that make getting to this somewhat secluded area much easier. The Torrey Pines Gliderport Trail is a 300-foot, rocky trail that heads down to the beach. It is well kept, but visitors are advised not to use it. Despite this, people regularly use this beautiful, natural trail to reach the shore. You could also take a scenic walk from the parking lot at Torrey Pines State Reserve. This particular route is closed during high tide, but during low tide is one of the more enjoyable and leisurely ways to reach Black’ Beach. Another point of entrance that is closed at high tide but readily accessible during low tide is from La Jolla Shores. It is about a three-mile walk from La Jolla Shores but as you walk you can take in the sights of the tide pools at Scripps Beach and the high bluffs that are common to this gorgeous stretch of coastline in San Diego.

Blacks Beach San Diego is a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. It is much more than just the nude beach in San Diego. Rather, it is an alluring beach for surfers and those who want to pass their time on the beach in relative peace and tranquility. It is one of the loveliest beaches in San Diego.

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