San Diego Brunch Cruise

A San Diego brunch cruise, especially on the weekend when things are a little more leisurely, is a a meal to remember. More than 70 miles of coastline along the ocean and harbors wind from the Mexican border up to the cliffs of La Jolla and points north, providing the perfect setting for leisurely cruises and scenic getaways.

You have many choices when you'd like to add brunch cruises in San Diego to your vacation packages. A fleet of modern vessels take passengers on cruises, complete with top-notch kitchens and chic surroundings. Some of the ships can accommodate more than 2,000 people on one excursion, while others offer more intimate surroundings. Sailing schedules vary, so you can find cruises that fit your schedule, no matter when you're ready to go.

After stepping aboard a harbor cruise, you'll be treated to one of the more memorable dining experiences in all of Southern California. Gourmands and hearty appetites will find plenty to their liking. With the interesting menus and attentive service, a San Diego brunch cruise is one of the best things to do in the entire region. Along the way, you'll have the chance to enjoy the iconic views of the city skyline, contrasted by the deep blue waters that seem to stretch on forever. Beautiful and historic Coronado Island separates the harbor from the Pacific Ocean; as you whirl by the island, you can see the historic houses and luxury hotels on island the Navy once used as a base of operations.

After you're done eating, your experience is not over yet. Many times, a San Diego brunch cruise feature live music and dance floors. Other passengers enjoy the chance to go for a stroll and watch the scenery drift by. The city skyline is quite striking, as are the blue waters of the Pacific that seem to stretch on forever. The busy Port of San Diego is quite a site; here you'll find cargo ships bringing in goods for major companies and cruise lines preparing to sail to Mexico and other ports of call.

Many of the companies who offer brunch excursions also offer an option for a dinner cruise in San Diego. When the sun has set, you can enjoy a night filled with fine dining and beautiful views. Add to that life music and dancing under the stars, and you have a wonderful way to end a day.

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