San Diego Car Rentals

San Diego car rentals are available everywhere in the city where tourists normally enjoy their vacations, as well as in most of the primarily residential areas in the suburbs. However, it is San Diego airport car rentals that most people who arrive on flights will use. All the major national chains of car rental companies are located in the airport. In addition, there are several smaller regional and discount companies located here. There are reservation boards for these companies in the baggage claim areas, in addition to courtesy phones that are directly connected to the company you have chosen. Each of these companies also offers a regular airport shuttle that will take you directly to their office; simply follow the signs. You can also find taxis in this area.

San Diego airport car rentals can be returned to the airport when you are ready to depart. You can also obtain one as a one-way rental, dropping it off at another depot. Although you generally pay more for this convenience, it is good for people who are exploring other areas of the state—perhaps beginning in San Diego and ending in Los Angeles or even further north. Many people visit nearby Mexico (Tijuana is only 70 miles away from the downtown area). However, when you rent a car in San Diego and drop it off in Mexico, you will pay the highest premium.

When you rent a car in San Diego you will find that you have the most convenient form of transportation to visit all the attractions and participate in all the things to do in this sprawling metropolitan area that encompasses hundreds of square miles. San Diego car rentals give you the freedom to explore independently and on your own schedule.

Some people purchase vacation packages that include airport transfers or are staying at hotels that offer complimentary airport shuttle service. It is possible to rent a car in San Diego even if you've taken advantage of one of these options. Most vacation packages include a good amount of leisure time, and you may just want a car for a day to visit a particular place you've read or heard about. Most of the luxury hotels and better beach hotels will arrange to have San Diego car rentals delivered right to the hotel—some even have a rental desk in their lobby.

This is a popular destination for many of the world's rich and famous, and there are exotic and luxury car rentals available. Even if you are not rich and famous, but want to splurge a bit to attend one of the special events in style, it may be in your budget to get yourself a flashy Ferrari or elegant Bentley just to attend a society wedding at the Hotel del Coronado or appear at a Gaslamp Quarter concert along with other international stars. Some of the exotic and sports cars can cost as little as $200 per day. There are no San Diego airport car rentals for the truly exclusive cars, but airport pick-up is standard when you're paying a premium.

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