Carlsbad California

Carlsbad California is located along the Pacific Ocean coast about 30 miles north of the center of San Diego. It is on the southern border of Camp Pendleton, the only thing separating the urban sprawl of San Diego from that of Los Angeles. In addition to Carlsbad State Beach and other beaches, there are numerous Carlsbad attractions that make it a desirable destination in its own right.

The history (and name) of charming Carlsbad California originated with the discovery in 1882 of an aquifer of mineral water by former sea captain John Frazier. It was developed by a German emigrant who named the village after Karlsbad in Bohemia, which is now the spa town of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. This history means there are many spas here, including the original Victoria Carlsbad Mineral Water Spa that was completely refurbished by a Karlovy Vary native to resemble the great spas of nineteenth-century Europe. It is located just north of Carlsbad State Beach in the oldest part of town. In addition to some great shopping in the village, this district also boasts a unique attraction in the form of Wild Wonders, a zoo-affiliated refuge for a variety of exotic animals that were not taken from the wild. They were all illegal or unwanted pets and carnival animals that were rescued and now serve as wildlife ambassadors at special events and school assemblies. If you want close-up interaction with African foxes, kinkajous, giant tortoise, serval cats, and even a cheetah, you can enjoy a tour with advance arrangements. Please note that no children under age six are allowed.

Carlsbad California
Carlsbad California

Other things to do in Carlsbad are a bit more traditional, including visiting the world-famous Legoland with its Sea Life Aquarium. Along with the Carlsbad Flower Fields these two attractions are located in the southern part of town near the Palomar Airport. The Carlsbad Flower Fields are also part of the history of the town. Planted originally as a small patch of ranunculus in the 1920s, the fields have grown to more than 50 acres that include the famous ranunculus as well as miniature rose, poinsettias, and a maze of sweet peas. The best time to see the Carlsbad Flower Fields in full bloom is during the spring—from about mid-March to mid-May. At that time, these fields rival the fields of tulips in the Netherlands and the lavender fields of Provence in southern France. The facility is closed during the winter and summer months.

Carlsbad California also boasts several miles of beautiful beaches, with Carlsbad State Beach and South Carlsbad State Beach being the most well known. These two stretches of beautiful sand (a bit more than a mile long in total) are separated by the outlet for the large Agua Hedionda Lagoon, which provides recreation in the form of fishing, boating, and waterskiing. This beach is especially popular for its sunsets and for excellent surfing. There are excellent Carlsbad hotels and resorts nearby, and camping is allowed in designated areas. The beach is easily accessible to other town attractions, and is within a mile of Legoland and the Flower Fields. Sailing is an important and popular activity in this region, and a bit north of town are some sailing schools and a marina where yacht charters are possible.

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