San Diego Carnival Cruise

The Carnival cruise line has long been recognized as one of the world’s largest cruise lines, with hundreds of cruises leaving from locations all over the United States and beyond. For travelers in southern California, the Carnival cruise San Diego port is a convenient place to head out on vacation. For anyone not living in southern California, the Carnival cruise San Diego line is still a great port from which to cruise. Various locations in Mexico and the Baja peninsula are just a short trip from San Diego. The Carnival cruise line was first found in 1972 and continues with its headquarters in Miami, Florida. Carnival cruise line is currently the world’s largest cruise line.

Carnival cruise San Diego is a great choice for travelers who want to head for Mexico. A Carnival cruise San Diego Mexico can be a great way to visit Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, and other popular coastal cities in Mexico. A Carnival cruise San Diego Mexico is also a convenient way to travel for anyone who wants to drive up to the port. Both short term and long term parking is available at the Carnival cruise San Diego Mexico terminal.

From the terminal, cruises from San Diego also leave for the Caribbean, Hawaii and Tahiti. One of the most popular choices for a cruise from San Diego is still a San Diego Baja cruise, which takes travelers to the Baja peninsula. Although Baja has long been famous for the incredible fishing available in its waters, a San Diego Baja cruise can include more than sport fishing. Warm beaches and clear water can be found virtually throughout the year, and the close location of Baja to San Diego makes a San Diego Baja cruise even more attractive.

Parking for all cruise ship departures in San Diego is found at a parking facility located in downtown San Diego between the Pacific Highway and North Harbor Drive. Daily parking is available in this lot, for a fee. This is a good option for shorter cruises lasting less than a week. If you are planning a longer cruise, you might consider leaving your car at a nearby park-and-ride. You will still be charged a fee, but it will be considerably less than cruise terminal parking. A shuttle service will take you and your luggage to your cruise terminal, and you will be shuttled back to your car on the way back, as well. Park-and-ride terminals often allow for parking of three and four weeks.

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