San Diego Cruises

San Diego cruises depart for some of the most exciting ports in the Pacific Ocean, but yet the city itself offers a wide array of interesting places. This area of Southern California is known for its pleasant weather, top-notch attractions, beautiful beaches, and more. So when you're planning on taking cruises from San Diego, you'll find it worth your time to spend a few days exploring. Even if you're planning to spend your entire vacation in and around the coastal areas, there are many ways to add cruises to your itineraries. With a full schedule of San Diego nature cruises and sunset cruises, one of the excursions will fit your travel plans.

Many passengers start their journeys at the B Street Pier Cruise Ship Terminal at the Port of San Diego, a center of both tourism and commerce. This San Diego cruise ship terminal was designed with comfort in mind and is wheelchair accessible. The terminal is just a ten-minute taxi or shuttle ride from the airport; then you'll need to pass through security before checking in. Some of the cruise lines offer extra service so that passengers can skip baggage claim at the airport and have one less thing to worry about. For this service, you must make arrangements in advance, and the company courier can grab your bags and deliver them to your room before setting sail.

When you're arriving by car, San Diego cruise parking is readily available close to the terminal. The Lane Field lot offers daily parking, but the park-and-ride lots are a better choice if you're planning extended cruise vacations. With covered and secured parking, you won't have to worry about your car while you're enjoying your cruises. You also can can catch the airport shuttle from this same lot.

Three major cruise lines have chosen this California city as home port. Holland America offers cruises from San Diego to the beaches of Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. Other ships set sail for the Panama Canal or Hawaii. You also could begin a month-long cruise to exotic South Pacific islands or head north along the coast of Canada. Carnival Cruise routes depart year-round for Cabo San Lucas and a variety of other ports along the Mexican coast as well as the Panama Canal. Celebrity Cruises depart for Mexico and Hawaii.

While many of the San Diego cruises are the traditional multiple-day excursions, there are plenty of opportunities to explore for a few hours at at time. During whale-watching season every winter, San Diego nature cruises depart every day, cruising up close to gray whales (sometimes as large as 40 feet long), sea lions, and marine birds. Some of the companies will even take you out for another harbor cruise if you don't spot one of the amazing creatures who pass through Southern California on the annual migration. Sea lions are abundant off the coast, as are marine birds, and amazing marine creatures.

If fishing is your passion, you will be delighted with the options for chartered excursions. The deep waters of the Pacific offer some of the best sport fishing around, especially for tuna. Sailing is a popular pastime in these waters. If you already certified and have some sailing hours, you'll have the chance to rent a sailboat and see where the wind takes you. Sailing lessons are readily available, as are charters and guided cruises.

Narrated San Diego nature cruises are a wonderful way to relax, as are the other excursions that set sail. A brunch and dinner cruise is a memorable setting for a meal, just as a sunset sail is a fine way to end the day. Likewise, a wedding cruise is a special way to celebrate a truly special day.

Becoming more popular every year, the city's cruise scene includes nearly 200 arrivals every year; more than half of those start and end at the Port of San Diego. Whether you're planning on spending your honeymoon in Hawaii, spring break in the Mexican Riviera, or taking one of the other excursions, you'll find cruises from San Diego to suit your interest. Before you set sail, or after enjoying the San Diego cruises, you can spend time enjoying Southern California's beaches and other fun things to do, like visiting Sea World or Legoland.

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