San Diego Harbor Cruise

A San Diego harbor cruise is a wonderful addition to your Southern California vacations. Today's well-equipped and modern vessels follow in a long tradition of taking visitors on a whirl around the harbor. Many different companies offer a wide variety of excursions, including narrated nature cruises, dinner cruises, weddings on the water, and sightseeing trips.

No matter which San Diego harbor cruise you pick, you'll be treated to some amazing views of the city skyline and the water. While it is beautiful, to be sure, the harbor is also vital to American's commerce. Every day, the Port of San Diego accepts cargo for some major companies. It's also a popular hub for commercial cruise lines which set sail for Mexico and Hawaii. And of course, the harbor is a favorite setting for short-term excursions, sailing getaways, and charter fishing.

Because of the pleasant weather, harbor cruises in San Diego depart all year round. In the winter, many of these cruises are dedicated to whale watching. Beginning in December, thousands of gray whales make their way from the cold waters of Canada to Baja Mexico. If you visit before April and take a San Diego harbor cruise, you'll most like spot these friendly and massive mammals swimming close the shore, along with sea lions and shore birds. If choose one of the companies with a whale-spotting guarantee, you will be treated to another trip if the whales are shy on your initial journey.

Some travelers choose one of these cruises as alternative for a night on the town. With the same energy as the happening Gaslamp District, but with a spin, cruises set sail at sunset and come to life under the stars. With fine dining and live entertainment, a whirl around the harbor is a pleasant way to cap off the night. The top decks provide a place to watch the sun set at dusk and the stars at night.

In every season, embarking a San Diego harbor excursion allows you to experience the wonders of nature. Be sure to bring your cameras along; you'll want to share your pictures with your friends at home. After your vacations have become a sweet memories, the beautiful pictures will help you relive the beauty of San Diego and its harbor.

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