Pacific Beach in San Diego

Pacific Beach in San Diego is one of the more enviable beach destinations in the entire city. It is not only a popular beach for both residents and tourists because of its natural beauty, but also because of its proximity to many favorite attractions and other beaches. For instance, Mission Beach and Mission Bay border Pacific Beach to the south where visitors will find a veritable playground of activities from shopping, dining, and entertainment to amusement parks and water parks. La Jolla borders Pacific Beach to the north while the expansive Pacific juts out to the west. Interstate 5 to the east provides routes to access various other attractions like SeaWorld, Balboa Park, and the Gaslamp Quarter. There are countless things to do in Pacific Beach besides just laying out in the sun, which is also not at all a bad way to spend the day here.

The Pacific Beach Pier, also referred to as the Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach, is another popular attraction of this area in San Diego. The Crystal Pier actually separates the beach into North and South Pacific Beach. Everything south of the Pacific Beach Pier is considered South Pacific Beach, which extends two miles south until it becomes Mission Beach. After Mission Beach it becomes South Mission Beach before ending at the entrance of the channel to Mission Bay. This stretch of beach is known as the Strand and is particularly popular with tourists to Pacific Beach in San Diego.

All along Pacific Beach you will find people skating, jogging, and cycling. The broad sidewalks and boardwalks that are emblematic of the beach lifestyle in this part of San Diego are crowded with people taking in the sun and surf and enjoying the nearby bars, clubs, and restaurants. Pacific Beach in San Diego is after all a center for nightlife in the city. Many of the residents are surfers and college students, but some of these numbers are decreasing as property costs continue to increase in the area. Nonetheless, there are clubs and bars that cater to the masses of tourists and younger residents that frequent Pacific Beach. Pacific Beach is also a most popular destination for clothing shops and designer boutiques in San Diego.

The Pacific Beach Pier and surrounding areas on the beach also play host to various events throughout the year, including theatrical performances and concerts. It is a picturesque location on the west coast where you can leisurely enjoy a celebration of fabulous weather, relaxation, and time spent with those close to you. The Crystal Pier is one of the most iconic beach destinations in San Diego and nearly 30 million visitors are drawn to Pacific Beach to see it and the other attractions nearby every year.

If you require more excitement than that which a day relaxing on Pacific Beach in San Diego can offer, you may consider heading a couple of miles down the beach to Mission Beach where you will find everything from roller coasters to wave pools. Or just stay in Pacific Beach and enjoy the warm water and brilliant sun. Either way, your time in this part of San Diego should be well spent and a lot of fun.

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