Sailing in San Diego

Sailing in San Diego is a option for both seasoned sailors and those who want to go along to enjoy the ride. The city's natural harbor, which leads out to the Pacific Ocean, offers an optimal setting, thanks the to year-round pleasant weather, favorable winds, deep water, and well-equipped marinas.

If you never stepped on a sailboat before, you don't have to scratch harbor cruises off your list of vacation ideas. Many of the sailboat captains welcome landlubbers to step aboard for a sailing cruise in San Diego. For a few hours, you'll have the chance to enjoy the scenery, city skyline, and the good life while a professional skipper takes the helm. And with the nice weather and prime conditions, a San Diego sail can be an option no matter what time of year you plan your vacations.

If you do come during the cooler months of the year, a sail cruise in San Diego can turn into a whale-watching adventure. Beginning in December, thousands of magnificent marine creatures make their way south. Some are friendly enough to wave a fin and make a splash for the people enjoying the show aboard a sailing cruise in San Diego. You'll also have an excellent vantage point for watching sea lions.

While some people enjoy leaving the work up to professional sailors, others want to experience the freedom of the open water, and the rewards that come with hard work. Skilled sailors can bring their own vessels to do some sailing in San Diego. Marinas and docks are readily available to provide much needed equipment and places to dock.

If owning a sailboat is something beyond your financial grasp, that doesn't mean that sailing needs to be out of your vacation packages. San Diego sail rentals are just what you need to enjoy this scenic pastime. Many local vessels are available to rent in and around the harbor. New sailors can learn the art and science behind the sport when they sign up for lessons aboard one of these available vessels.

When looking for San Diego sail rentals, you will discover many companies that could meet your needs. For example, Shelter Island Sailing specializes in a wide range of maritime-themed activities, including rentals, complete with captains if needed. You also could charter a bareboat yacht, if you have a well trained skipper in the group. Charters are available for as little as a few hours up to an entire weekend or more. If you don't want to set sail on your own, you could book one of the dinner cruises or plan a dockside special event. Lessons are also available from Shelter Island guides so you can the ins and outs of sailing in San Diego Bay and the surrounding waters.

Another choice for San Diego sail rentals, Harbor Island Yacht Clubs helps visitors plan a variety of vacations on the water. The fleet exceeds 70 sailing yachts can be chartered. Experienced operators can choose to forgo the captain and sail on their own.

If you're on the lookout for an interesting place to stay, many luxury yachts can be rented for the night as a boat-and-breakfast. Some of the same companies that offer a sailing cruise in San Diego have a full fleet of vehicles that can be rented after the day's excursions and charters have ended.

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