San Diego Museums

San Diego Museums are some of the most interesting and unique places to enjoy art in California. From the unforgettable tours of World War II vessels to the fascinating lectures at the San Diego Natural History Museum, visitors of all ages enjoy visiting the different museums in San Diego.

Since 1926, the San Diego Museum of Art has been displaying fine works of art from the all around the world. There is an excellent display of modern paintings and sculptures from California and other American artists. There is also a good representation of art from Spain, Italy, and South Asia. The San Diego Museum of Art is the biggest museum in the county, so you know that this is an all day experience that can be enjoyed by all ages. While the admission and hours vary, it is because there are so many different exhibitions taking place year round at the San Diego Museum of Art. If you're planning a visit, it's wise to call ahead to ask about upcoming events.

If you love nature and science, the San Diego Natural History Museum will fulfill and inspire you. This is the oldest research institution in the country that is still in use, since it opened in 1874. With its education programs and research, this is not only one of the top museums in San Diego, it is also one of the most educational experiences you can have while enjoying the sights and sounds of a museum. There are fascinating lectures, and one of a kind displays like the large moving animals that always draw crowds. There is also a fun film to watch called Ocean Oasis; it can be seen on a giant screen by anyone who's curious to learn about the marine and mammal life and ecology of Baja California and the Sea of Cortes. From 10am to 5 pm, visitors can wander through the San Diego Natural History Museum and explore the over 7 million specimens of life from many different species. The great education programs consist of teacher workshops, classes for kids, lectures, nature walks, and a library, which you can loan books and specimens from.

San Diego has a well-known maritime history, and is known for the large cruise ships that dock at its harbor. It is also long been known as a navy hub, and there is still an active base there. The Pacific Fleet is housed here, as well as the famous San Diego Maritime Museum. Here, you can tour the inside of famous 6 famous vessels, and a giant Russian submarine. From steam ferryboats to a replica of a 19th century police ship from the California Gold Rush era, the entire museum is a floating exhibit. The ferryboat is where the offices, the research library, and quite a few displays and exhibits are housed.

Aside from the excellent Southern California beaches you're only minutes away from, visiting the San Diego Maritime Museum gives a sense of richness and history to the backdrop of the waterfront along Harbor Drive, which is filled with tourists from cruise ships and vacationers enjoying excellent views of the Pacific. One admission fee will give you access to each ship in the San Diego Maritime Museum.

From stimulating scientific explorations in the Natural History Museum to the military legacy of the Maritime Museum, these are some of the most interesting and enjoyable museums in San Diego. You will love the diversity of subject matter, scenery, and hands on experience you get to enjoy when you include a visit to San Diego museums in your next California vacation.

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