San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Orangutan
San Diego Zoo Orangutan

San Diego has one of the largest zoos in the world. The San Diego Zoo has been a favorite outing not only for families with young children, but for everyone for generations. In addition to being one the largest, it is also one of the most dynamic in the world. It not only offers large roaming areas and natural environments for its residents, along with extraordinary experiences for its guests, but it is also active in special causes around the world. As well as being a popular place for a day trip for the locals, the San Diego Zoo offers special vacation packages that include many San Diego hotels.

The San Diego Zoo covers a vast 100 acres where 4,000 creatures reside comfortably in environments much like the animals' natural habitats. Touring the zoo can be done by walking along the trails of the park, or on a tour bus, or Skyfari tram, the cost of which is included in the entrance fee. Each exhibit is featured as a habitat in which several animals can be found living together as they do in nature. In addition to visiting the zoo, visitors might also enjoy a day at the nearby Wild Animal Park supported by the San Diego Zoo. This is a free-roaming park, in which animals are allowed to ramble about in a more open habitat environment. Residents of the zoo can be found here, on vacation, from time to time.

San Diego Zoo Map
San Diego Zoo Map

Being constantly active in natural causes, the Zoological Society of San Diego, which runs the zoo, participates in worldwide efforts to assist wild animals. Currently, they are making an effort to save the African elephants, protecting the largest population left in all of Africa and raising money by selling the footprints of several of these elephants in Project Elephant Footprint.

San Diego Zoo Tickets
San Diego Zoo Tickets

In addition to a one-day admission, San Diego Zoo packages are also available for purchase. Local and frequent visitors can purchase a multi-day pass or a membership for one year. For those looking for San Diego Zoo packages, multiple park bundles include the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and SeaWorld, and several other parks in southern California. San Diego Zoo packages can also be purchased at the zoo or online.

San Diego Zoo Entrance
San Diego Zoo Entrance  Image: ConspiracyofHappiness (flickr)

Vacation packages often feature hotels near San Diego Zoo. Each San Diego Zoo vacation highlights a preferred hotel, ranging from Ramada Plaza to Crowne Plaza. A San Diego Zoo vacation can include accommodations and admission to the zoo or multi-park admission. Visitors considering a San Diego Zoo vacation can customize the package with the number of nights and people staying.

San Diego Zoo Animals
San Diego Zoo Animals

The San Diego Zoo offers a wide variety of activities and attractions that appeal to almost everyone. Not only is it kind to its visitors, but also to its residents. It is not only a local attraction. The Zoological Society of San Diego reaches out to the entire world in its efforts to preserve wildlife for the future generations. In this way, the zoo will remain a favorite for generations to come.

There are other popular zoos in southern California as well, including the San Francisco Zoo. After visiting the zoo, consider an aquarium to cover the aquatic wildlife as well; the Aquarium of the Pacific is one of the best. Visitors from out of state can also utilize this time to explore other destinations in southern California, such as the great Giant Sequoia Forest near San Francisco, or Catalina Island, or even perhaps make a stop in Mexico, which is quite near San Diego.

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