Solana Beach

Solana Beach is a city in San Diego known for its beautiful beaches and expert surfing breaks. It is a small coastal community and therefore relatively peaceful and quiet. There are many restaurants, surf shops, and bars as well as accommodations for anyone staying in this surfing Mecca in San Diego. The total population of the whole city hovers right around 13,000 people.

Solana Beach
Solana Beach

Despite the peace and quiet in this sleepy town, Solana Beach in San Diego did however earn national notoriety in 2008 when a fatal great white shark attack took place in Fletcher Cove. A resident swimming with a group of friends began at Tide Beach to the north before the fatal attack took place. Local surfers later reported seeing an injured seal on the beach, often an indication of sharks swimming dangerously close to the shore. This incident stirred things up in Solana Beach for a period, but the small community remains an enviable place of residence in the city of San Diego. All of the beaches are manned with professional lifeguards from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day and regular measures are taken to ensure the safety of guests. The often unpredictable tidal currents and shallow sand bars do cause some of the beaches in Sand Diego to be more perilous than others, so just use common sense when swimming in rough waters.

Solana Beach in San Diego is bordered by the City of Encinitas to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west, Del Mar to the south, and the unincorporated village of Rancho Santa Fe to the east. Surfing at Solana beach is easily one of the biggest draws on the 1.7 miles of beaches on this beautiful coastline. There are four main beaches: Fletcher Cove, Tide Beach Park, Seascape Park, and Del Mar Shores.

Fletcher Cove is a lovely public beach that can be enjoyed by more than just those looking to partake in some surfing at Solana Beach. Many recreational activities are available here including surf-fishing (a popular pastime in the region), body-boarding, and just relaxing in the sun and surf. There is a large public parking lot and plenty of public parking spaces along the streets that lead to the cove. Parking is seldom a problem so if you are visiting and plan to rent a car, just throw the board on top and head right down to Fletcher Cove.

Tide Beach Park is another popular destination for surfing at Solana Beach. Black’s Beach and Mission Beach are not the only places to find excellent breaks in San Diego. Tide Beach is known for its large reef, known as Table Tops. Tide Beach parking is limited to what you can find on the street and public facilities are limited to showers. There are no public bathrooms on the beach but the natural beauty more than makes up for any lack of accommodations.

Seascape Surf, known to many surfers in the Solana Beach as Cherry Hill, is about one mile south of Fletcher Cove. It is another perfect destination for advanced surfers as well as residents and tourists looking to just enjoy a day in the sun. Del Mar Shores is not equipped with any public facilities but offers some of the most beautiful views of the ocean and coastline. Solana Beach in San Diego unequivocally offers some of the best surfing in Southern California.

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