Airport Shuttle in San Francisco

Booking an airport shuttle in San Francisco is what many air travelers have in mind upon arrival, thanks in part to the convenience factor. Approximately every twenty minutes, an SFO shuttle pulls up to the airport, and travelers can often walk right up and hop on board. While it can be relatively easy to secure a ride on an airport shuttle in San Francisco, it is always a good idea to make reservations in advance when possible. This can cut down on waiting time when the airport is busy.

There are a number of companies that travelers can choose when looking to book a shuttle in San Francisco, and these companies offer comfortable cars and vans for their guests to ride in. More often than not, travelers will share an airport shuttle in San Francisco with other travelers. Stops will be made along the way to drop off every passenger at their intended destinations. For most, this will be one of the downtown hotels. Air travelers can also consider booking a stay at one of the airport hotels, which can be especially convenient before or after a flight.

One of the advantages to staying at one of the airport hotels is that they tend to offer free SFO shuttle service. For those who are heading to one of the downtown hotels, fees will most often apply. The fees for an SFO shuttle are reasonable, and it costs less to take a shuttle than it does a taxi. Shuttles and taxis aren't the only options when it comes to airport transportation in San Francisco, and travelers can also consider a ride into town on the affordable and fast BART train. Anyone wishing to hop on the BART train will have to first take a shuttle to the train station. For some, getting on an airport shuttle instead and avoiding the transfer will prove more attractive. Another option is to book a limousine and ride in style.

Airport transportation in San Francisco can be used to get both to and from the airport. Arranging a ride in advance is necessary when booking an SFO shuttle that is heading to the airport, and most of the companies ask that travelers be picked up at least two hours before departure time. It is worth noting that anyone interested in airport transportation in San Francisco can not only consider the options that are available to them at the San Francisco International Airport. Across the bay in Oakland is another major airport, and travelers arriving there can also hop on a shuttle. The shuttles to and from the Oakland Airport will save travelers who are visiting San Francisco a considerable amount of money over the taxis. Oakland Airport shuttles can also ferry passengers to a nearby BART train station, where they can hop on a train to San Francisco and save even more money.

In addition to hopping on a shuttle, taking a taxi, riding on a BART train, and securing a stylish limo, travelers who are in need of airport transportation in San Francisco can also rent a car. Unless it is rush hour, San Francisco can be a relatively pleasant city to drive in, and the ride from the airport to the downtown area will only take about 25 minutes. Since public transportation is both affordable and convenient in San Francisco, however, visitors might prefer to leave the driving up to someone else.

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