Baker Beach

Baker Beach is one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco, California. Located on the western shores of the Presidio, a park and former military base on the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker Beach offers some of San Francisco’s most breathtaking views. The sands of Baker Beach are framed by Golden Gate Point to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west. From Baker Beach, visitors can take in the expanse of Golden Gate Bridge, as well as the Marin Headlands beyond.

This half-mile long stretch of beach is officially part of the Golden Gate National Park Recreation Area. Visitors to Baker Beach can take advantage of several amenities offered by the National Park Service. The park offers picnic facilities, including tables and grills, as well as public restrooms. Hikers can access the Coastal Trail near the picturesque serpentine cliffs to the north of the beach. Also located nearby is Battery Chamberlin, a large remnant of the Presidio’s former military base, intended to defend San Francisco Bay. The waters of Baker Beach are frequently unsafe for swimming, as there are large undertow, rip currents, and waves coming in from the ocean.

The northern end of Baker Beach has been known for several characteristics beyond a day in the sun. Between 1986 and 1990, it was the original site of the Burning Man Festival. While Burning Man has relocated to Black Rock Desert in Nevada, its popularity has grown internationally. Additionally, the north end of Baker Beach is well known to be clothing optional, though nudism isn’t required.

Baker Beach Map

Baker Beach Map
Baker Beach Map

A map of Baker Beach is highly recommended. There are several areas of Baker Beach with unique concerns, such as designated clothing optional areas and places where the water is too dangerous to enter. Most Baker Beach Maps also include the many other activities and beaches nearby, as well.

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