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San Francisco events cover a wide spectrum, and they range from colorful festivals to baseball games. Catching a concert is usually possible on any given day in the city by the bay, and the city's theater district is alive and well. Since there are many interesting festivals and events in San Francisco, travelers are encouraged to consult the city's events schedule when planning a trip. They are also encouraged to see if any special events are going on at any one of the city's main attractions.

One of the attractions that frequently hosts events is Yerba Buena Gardens. This is a multi-use entertainment, shopping, and dining complex that can be found in the attractive SoMa neighborhood. Every year between May and October, Yerba Buena Gardens offers a free festival series that features live concerts, art shows, and other special events and programs. There are lots of open, grassy spots at Yerba Buena Gardens, and many visitors bring chairs and blankets to sit for the various concerts, which can showcase anything from jazz to rock. Music is at the heart of many a festival in San Francisco, and two other music-related festivals that are worth keeping in mind include the Outside the Lands Music and Art Festival and the Treasure Island Music Festival.

Both the Outside the Lands Music and Art Festival, which takes place in August, and the Treasure Island Music Festival, which is held in June, feature big name acts and up-and-coming artists. While the former is held in Golden Gate Park, the latter takes place on Treasure Island. Music performances are also a big part of the Union Street Art Festival in San Francisco, which is just one more fun event that is worth planning a June visit around. In addition to live music, the Union Street Art Festival also showcases art, food, wine, and beer.

Much like music, art is at the heart of some of the San Francisco events. In addition to enjoying some of the arts festivals that are held in San Francisco proper, visitors can also plan a trip around the art festival in nearby Sausalito. The annual Sauslito Art Festival has been going strong since 1952, and it takes place at the end of August. While art festivals will pique the interest of some travelers, food festivals will be what others have in mind. San Francisco is a renowned dining destination, and the city's many food festivals showcase some gourmet treats. Every year in September, the Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival offers chocolate lovers an opportunity to relish in an array of sumptuous sweets.

Anyone who is hoping to enjoy a festival in San Francisco will have an almost endless list of options to choose from. Gay travel is popular in this liberal city, and the Gay Pride Festival is just one more festival that visitors can consider. Festivals aren't the only kinds of San Francisco events that visitors can hope to add to the agenda. Every year in April, Major League Baseball opens its season, and the ballgames at AT&T Park figure among the top events in San Francisco. For theater fans, seeing what's on at places like the Orpheum Theatre is recommended. The performing arts are certainly alive and well in this culturally rich city.

In addition to being a pleasure to visit for dining enthusiasts, San Francisco is also an ideal town for those who enjoy some nightlife. While some good nightlife can be enjoyed on any given night in San Francisco, New Years Eve just might be the biggest annual party. Anyone who wants to enjoy a San Francisco New Years experience can head to a club to enjoy an organized party. They can also head to the Embarcadero to watch the fireworks display, enjoy a multi-course dinner at an upscale restaurant, or celebrate any other number of ways.

The sky is pretty much the limit when it comes to the numerous festivals and events in San Francisco, and visitors to this dynamic city are also encouraged to explore the options when it comes to regional events. Napa Valley, for example, offers an array of annual festivals that can add some extra depth to a San Francisco vacation, and Berkeley's October food and art fair can be a fun event to enjoy on the side.  

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