The Exploratorium is just one of the many fantastic attractions that make San Francisco such a great city to visit. For science enthusiasts, this museum can easily satisfy a few hours of time, as it offers hundreds of interactive exhibits. Some 600,000 people visit the Exploratorium in San Francisco on an annual basis, and they come to enjoy these hands-on exhibits, the bulk of which revolve around science, perception, and art. Kids and adults alike can have a blast at this dynamic science museum in San Francisco, which not only offers some terrific exhibits, but an excellent location as well.

The state of the art Exploratorium occupies about 110,000 square feet of space in the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts building. This building can be found on the northern side of town in the Marina District. As far as the San Francisco city districts are concerned, the Marina District is one of the most attractive, and tourists often find themselves here when searching for attractions such as Ghiradelli Square and the Golden Gate Bridge. Many of these same tourists also go to the Exploratorium, and for good reason. According to some industry experts, this is the best science museum in the world.

All of the great exhibits at the Exploratorium in San Francisco are designed to be fun and safe, and you could spend hours on end marveling at them. Tons of different topics are covered by the various exhibits, including human perception. At the Seeing exhibit, visitors can learn about how their eyes and brains work together to make sense of images. Similarly, the Listen exhibit offers the same kind of in depth look at how the human body deals with sound. While the Tactile Dome is a dark labyrinth of sorts, and visitors who enter it must find their way out by relying on their sense of touch. The Tactile Dome requires an extra fee. Some of the other exhibits at this wonderful science museum in San Francisco focus more on things that deal with physical phenomena, such as weather and electricity.

New exhibits are constantly being added to the collection at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, so past visitors are encouraged to make a return visit when looking for things to do in San Francisco.

In addition to fantastic exhibits, the Exploratorium in San Francisco also offers an excellent onsite store where visitors can pick up any number of interesting items and souvenirs while shopping. After taking in some exhibits and perusing the goods at the shop, visitors to the Exploratorium can head to the nearby park to relax for a while. This park, which is next to the Palace of Fine Arts building, boasts a calm lagoon that is usually full of ducks, geese, and swans. It is an ideal place for a picnic, and the resident birds always appreciate some free bread if you're up for feeding them.

The Exploratorium in San Francisco is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. The general admission prices are reasonable. Anyone planning on visiting this excellent science museum in San Francisco is encouraged to consider the events calendar. Buying a San Francisco CityPass is also something that prospective visitors should consider. This special pass allows for discounted admission to some of the city's best attractions, including the Exploratorium, and it also allows for a fun cruise in the San Francisco Bay.

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