Fort Point

Fort Point is one of the best historical attractions in San Francisco. Built between the years of 1853 to 1861, this sturdy fortress served to protect the city’s narrow harbor entrance for a number of decades. Its original construction was largely tied to the fact that San Francisco became a major gold rush hub in the mid-1800's. A subsequent expansion project was mostly linked to the Civil War, and further expansion projects were carried out in the 1870's and 1880's as a response to the Indian Wars.

There are various reasons why San Francisco visitors should keep Fort Point in mind when looking for things to do. One of these reasons is the fort’s architectural allure. It was designed using a style of military architecture that was made popular in the 1820's and is quite simply a fine example of American masonry. Also worth highlighting is the fact that it was the only fortification of its kind to be built west of the mighty Mississippi River.

The history of San Francisco doesn’t exactly see the city entering into major battles. As such, it should be no surprise that Fort Point never saw battle itself. Nonetheless, it remains an important part of the larger history of California. Thankfully, it wasn’t demolished during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, as was originally planned, and today, it is open to visitors who wish to take a closer look.

Fort Point doesn’t charge an admission fee. This is reason enough to visit. As for location, it can be found at the Golden Gate Bridge’s south anchorage and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The museum is open to visitors on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only, with the hours of operation being 10 am to 5 pm. Self-guided tours can be enjoyed using an informative booklet that is provided, and it is also to take a guided tour that lasts around 30 minutes. Some of the guided tours include cannon demonstrations. Other options for things to do at Fort Point include watching short videos that chronicle the history of the fort itself and the history of Golden Gate Bridge.

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