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San Francisco gay travel is popular, especially since this city has a reputation for being one of the most liberal in the country. Gay pride in San Francisco is strong, and gay travelers will find that there are many establishments in town that cater to them. The gay bars San Francisco are arguably some of the best gay bars in the country, and the city celebrates gay pride openly on certain days. There is much to do and see here for anyone interested in San Francisco gay travel.

There are plenty of gay hotels in San Francisco that can make travelers feel at home, and they include the Galleria Park Hotel. This hotel offers sleek and comfortable rooms at a reasonable rate, and it also enjoys a Union Square location. Union Square is one of the best places to go shopping in San Francisco, and it is also a good place to get something to eat, thanks to the variety of restaurants. The Galleria Park Hotel has tasteful and finely equipped rooms, a local fitness center, and a free evening wine reception. Some of the other gay friendly hotels in San Francisco that are worth considering include the Handlery Union Square Hotel, which is a little cheaper than the Galleria Park, and the Hotel Adagio, which is a charming boutique hotel that can also be found in Union Square. The Hotel Adagio offers a number of different room categories, and each guest unit exudes a fair amount of luxury.

Since there is no shortage of gay pride in San Francisco, most of the city's hotels are gay friendly when it comes down to it. As such, anyone interested in San Francisco gay travel shouldn't have trouble finding a good place to stay. Between the bed and breakfasts and the boutique hotels, there are lots of attractive lodging options. In addition to having little trouble finding accommodations, gay travelers in San Francisco will also find that there are plenty of bars that cater to them. The Castro is the most renowned gay area in San Francisco, and it features a fine collection of gay bars, not to mention some good gay hotels. More gay bars San Francisco can be found in the SoMa neighborhood, which is also home to the Yerba Buena Gardens and the Museum of Modern Art. Both of these attractions figure among the best in the city, and they can make for excellent places to visit before going out on the town.

The gay bars San Francisco scene really extends across the city. In other words, it's not hard to find gay bars here, or gay clubs for that matter. In addition to the Castro and SoMa, the Red Light District and Marina District are also known for gay bars and clubs. It's not all about the bars and the clubs when it comes to San Francisco gay travel. This city is full of excellent attractions, and getting out to explore the city is recommended.

All of the top San Francisco attractions cater to both gay and straight travelers, and they include Fisherman's Wharf, which is a popular waterfront area; Alcatraz, which was once home to a notorious prison; and the Golden Gate Bridge, which is fun to cross on a bicycle. Some gay travelers will be interested in visiting some San Francisco museums, and for good reason. This city boasts some excellent art museums, including the Museum of Modern Art and the de Young Museum, and the Exploratorium can captivate visitors of any age.

Celebrating gay pride in San Francisco is also an option if you time your visit around one of the city's gay pride events. The last weekend in June is arguably the best time to celebrate gay pride in this beautiful city, as that's when one of the world's most renowned gay pride festivals is in full swing. Much like Chicago, New York City, and some of the other larger cities in the country, San Francisco hosts a large gay pride festival every year. While the main events for the festival of gay pride in San Francisco center around last weekend in June, but those aren't the only days when celebrating goes on. The whole week is full of parties, side celebrations, and colorful parades. For travelers who can't make it to San Francisco for the Gay Pride Festival, it's worth checking the events calendar to see what else they can enjoy on their visit to one of the world's most gay friendly cities.

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