Golden Gate Bridge History

Golden Gate Bridge history effectively begins on January 5, 1933. This was the day that construction commenced. That being said, the idea of building a bridge that would link San Francisco to Marin County to the north wasn’t exactly a new concept at the time. The topic originally arose decades earlier, and the first real proposal was made by an engineering student in 1916. Soon after this proposal was made, the San Francisco City Engineer at the time started contacting bridge engineers in an attempt to figure out if such a bridge could even be built. Those who doubted the possibility of it all pointed to such deterrents as frequent fog and winds, not to mention the high cost. The first estimation of the total cost for the project by the City Engineer was $100 million.

Prior to the Golden Gate Bridge’s construction, those who wished to take the short route between Marin County and San Francisco had to go by boat. Around the year 1820, ferry service was made available, and by the 1840s, this service was made regular. The ferry service only grew from there on, though the city of San Francisco was having trouble growing itself. The lack of a more established link between it and the surrounding Bay Area communities resulted in relatively slow growth. Finally, a German-American engineering student who hailed from Cincinnati, Ohio, was awarded the rite the design the Golden Gate Bridge, provided that he would consult with other engineers. Joseph Strauss was this student’s name, and among the engineers who lent their designing expertise to the project was Leon Moisseiff. This highly respected suspension bridge engineer also helped design the Manhattan Bridge in NYC, as well as other notable bridges.

Golden Gate Bridge Facts

Golden Gate Bridge History
Golden Gate Bridge History

Interesting Golden Gate Bridge facts are plentiful. In relation to the length of the construction process, the famed California landmark took just a tad more than four years to complete. On May 28, 1937, it was opened to vehicular traffic. As for the total cost of the project, it came out to around $35 million, which was much less than the original estimate. Around 80,000 pounds of steel and approximately 390,000 cubic yards of concrete were used to build the Golden Gate Bridge. Some 80,000 miles of wire cable were also required to complete the task, and every year, 10,000 gallons of International Orange-colored paint is slathered on the landmark to keep it vibrant and beautiful.

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