Lombard Street

One of the most curious San Francisco attractions is Lombard Sreet. Much like the strange tragedy that is behind the inspiration for the Cable Car, Lomabard Street San Francisco is one of the most famous California attractions. Unless you want to take the $3 ride on the Cable Car to the top of Lombard Street, then there is no charge to see Lombard Street.

Lombard Street San Francisco looks the way it does for its steepness. This road was built so that cars could navigate the road safely. Traffic congestion used to be a problem so the idea of one-way traffic was devised, and now you can only travel in one direction in a car down Lombard Street. There are still occasional traffic problems, and that is due to the sheer number of people that want to drive on Lombard on their San Francisco tour.

An essential stop on any San Francisco tour, this heavily photographed street is paved with bricks, and all-year round, the perfectly manicured flowers are the scenic background for pictures of an unforgettable moment in your California vacation.

There's something really interesting about riding your rental car down one of the most interesting San Francisco attractions. There is not another roads in the country, or the world, as crooked as Lombard Street San Francisco.

Like the tragedy of the death off 5 horses on the steep rain, slicked slope on Nob Hill that inspired the famous Cable Car, there surely must have been a mishap or two before the current design of Lombard Street came to be. Lovely Victorian homes with lovely tended gardens of chrysanthemums look out onto a landmark with history">history, more so than any of the other San Francisco attractions.

Since 1923, this interesting solution to the problem of the unbelievably steep hills in San Francisco has drawn crowds, and is now an essential part of any San Francisco tour. Although the street is incredibly steep, so are others, but this is just part of what gives San Francisco its beauty.

From this vista atop Russian Hill, you can see the Golden Gate Bridge and the city beyond. You can get to Lombard Street on the Powell-Hyde line, which conveniently takes you to the top of Lombard Street San Francisco.

For a truly unusual novelty, come visit Lombard Street, one of the most recognizable and well-known San Francisco attractions.

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