Orpheum Theatre

The Orpheum Theatre has been hosting entertaining performances for decades on end now, and there is little reason to think that it will stop anytime soon. The historic Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco was built in 1926, and the first shows that were held here were vaudeville shows. Silent films were also shown at the theater in the early days, and they were eventually replaced by motion pictures with sound. Over time, musical comedies and other kinds of theatrical performances started to take center stage, and today, the Orpheum Theatre is equipped to handle large-scale productions that one might expect to see on Broadway.

The Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco has understandably been named a historical landmark. Its sign shines bright on Market Street, and its ornate stone façade only hints at the opulence that awaits inside. The interior of the Orpheum Theatre is designed to look like the interior of a twelfth-century palace from Spain, and it is nothing if it isn't impressive. This beautiful theater was built for Alexander Pantages, who was a producer that created an extensive theater circuit. Various theaters bear the Pantages name, and they include the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.

To help accommodate large-scale productions, the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco underwent two major renovations. These renovations also served to increase the theater's visual appeal. For those who are interested in enjoying a cultural night out, taking in a show at the beautiful and historic Orpheum Theatre is always worth considering. Orpheum Theatre tickets can be purchased in advance, and it's a good idea to get them as early as possible. Some of the featured events are known to sell out quickly from time to time, not much unlike the tickets for baseball games at AT&T Park.

One of the best things about the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco is that it offers multiple times for many of the shows that it hosts. This makes it easier to get tickets, and it also makes it easier for visitors and locals to fit a show on their itineraries. While it is best to buy tickets for a show in advance, it is sometimes possible to pick them up at the last minute at the onsite box office. Should last-minute tickets be available, they can be purchased up until curtain time. The doors at the Orpheum Theatre usually open 45 minutes before showtime, while the main house opens its doors a half hour before the curtain. Most of the Broadway shows at the Orpheum Theatre are intended for adults, though there are some special kids shows that are offered from time to time. The Orpheum Theatre is close to a lot of good hotels, so anyone coming to town to see a show can find accommodations close by.

For travelers who are interested in staying at one of the San Francisco hotels near the Orpheum Theatre, the Hotel Whitcomb is worth keeping in mind. This historic hotel falls in line with the historic Orpheum Theatre, and it can be found right across the street. Travelers who don't mind being a little further away when searching for hotels near the Orpheum Theatre might also add the Good Hotel to their list of potential places to stay. Of the cheap hotels in the area, the Good Hotel is one of the best. Travelers who stay at one of the hotels near the Orpheum Theatre will close to a number of other great attractions as well, not to mention the exciting nightlife in the SoMa district.

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