San Francisco Attractions

San Francisco is one of the most popular American tourist destinations – and why should that be surprising? This sprawling metropolis has a little bit of everything, including some of America’s most definitive landmarks.

The Golden Gate Bridge

This San Francisco attraction is usually the first thing that springs to mind when you think of the city. An enormous testament to human ingenuity and engineering – lit up and sparkling at night, this is the most famous of all San Francisco tourist attractions for good reason. Make sure to witness it from the famed Golden Gate Park, which also includes gardens, a lake – even a museum.


The infamous prison remains of the signature attractions in San Francisco. Al Capone did time here. So did Machine Gun Kelly. Now you can see Alcatraz in all its glory. A tour of “The Rock” makes for an astonishing look into the country’s most notorious jailhouse, and the stark beauty of the rest of the island instills Alcatraz with a profound and haunting atmosphere.

Fisherman’s Wharf

This just happens to be the most popular of the family attractions in San Francisco. Striking it rich early during the Gold Rush days, Fisherman’s Wharf continues to bring tourists from all over with its exciting combination of shopping, great seafood restaurants and a continual festival atmosphere perpetuated by a long line of charismatic street performers.

Haight Ashbury

One of the most famous street corners in American history, this area was the epicenter of the Summer of Love, and is still a primarily hippie hangout to this day, even if it has been slightly overrun in the name of consumerism. For any fan of the psychedelic 60s, Haight Ashbury is a nostalgic look into the past, and aging rockers flock to this San Francisco attraction like it was Mecca.

Fort Funston

Perhaps a bit lost in the plethora of San Francisco tourist attractions, the Fort is located right over Ocean Beach, the city’s most well-loved place to get some sun or try your skill at windsurfing. This San Francisco attraction also offers a wealth of hiking options, and is great for someone wanting a nature filled getaway in the midst of the city’s bustling urban environment.

Coit Tower

This art deco tower made its first appearance against the city skyline in the mid 30’s, and remains one of the most striking attractions in San Francisco. Reaching skyward near the crest of Telegraph Hill, you can find some of the best views of the city and bay from the tower’s magnificent vista.

Muir Woods National Monument

Just outside of the city, along a stretch of Highway 101, this grove of protected redwood forest is one of the many beautiful San Francisco tourist attractions. Some trees reach over 250 feet in the air and have been around since the Middle Ages. The forest is also another of the best family attractions in San Francisco, as small children seem even more impressed by the gigantic Redwoods towering overhead.

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