San Francisco Hostels

San Francisco hostels should be at the top of your list, if you’re looking for affordable accommodation during a trip to the City by the Bay. Hostels provide an alternative choice to hotels and come with a much cheaper price tag. First gaining popularity in Europe among backpackers, hostels in general provide basic amenities in exchange for a small price. The types of hostels vary, and visitors can choose between a cheap bed in a dorm room, or a more expensive private room. The idea behind San Francisco youth hostels is providing a safe and affordable place to stay where like-minded travelers can meet.

Travelers that think San Francisco is out of their budget should look into hostels. Hostels have actually developed significantly in recent years, and many of them resemble boutique hotels and not sketchy large dorm style hostels. One great example of San Francisco hostels is City Center Hostel, which was actually a boutique hotel before it was transformed into a hostel. Small dorms and private rooms make this a popular choice, and private baths in every room are another bonus (as opposed to sharing a bathroom in the hallway with a large number of fellow travelers). This hostel is also a member of Hostelling International, which monitors the quality of hostels across the globe.

San Francisco youth hostels also have a reputation for connecting travelers to affordable food, music, and nightlife. People who work at the hostel are always connecting visitors to this scene. Beyond City Center Hostel, another great choice is Downtown Hostel. This was also formerly a hotel, and provides both small dorms and private rooms. Instead of overpaying at a hotel, why not reserve a private room at a hostel? This hostel also provides free breakfast every morning to help you stick to your budget.

Some travelers are surprised that San Francisco hostels even exist. While the idea of affordable accommodation for young travelers is a common one in Europe, it hasn’t caught on in all areas of the United States. Luckily, San Francisco is an exception to this rule, and offers a few choices for travelers who want to see this city on a budget. Another option for budget travelers is the Fisherman’s Wharf Hostel. This was the first hostel in San Francisco and is still the most famous one in town. It is known for being set in historic buildings right on the waterfront and for its free breakfast and free parking. The Green Tortoise Hostel, located near Union Square, is one of the most popular in the city, and in addition to its central location it also offers a lot of guest services arranging tours and things to do, which makes it a great place to stay on your first visit to the city.

Beyond providing free meals and a cheap place to sleep, a hostel in San Francisco is also a great resource for gaining a locals perspective on the city. A hotel with the location and views as the Fisherman’s Wharf Hostel would be incredibly expensive, but with this hostel, budget travelers can now have the same experience. An on-site café is a great place to meet fellow travelers who may have some tips on the latest and greatest in San Francisco. Don’t forget to ask the people who work in the hostel for their suggestions as well. Some travelers are afraid of giving hostels a try, but these options in San Francisco represent a new level of hostels. Offering safe, clean, affordable private rooms is a trend that hopefully will catch on in other cities too!

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