San Francisco Museums

A San Francisco Museum is a microcosm of the city itself, which is a living, breathing monument with sights and attractions both old and new. From the Cable Car to the Fisherman\'s Wharf, the city by the Bay is filled with things to do and see. This world-class city has some of the best offerings for arts and cultural entertainment for the visitor that wants to experience something besides the crowded tourist attractions like Pier 39.

From the dinosaur fossils at the California Academy of Sciences to the San Francisco MOMA to the scores of galleries filled with modern and classical works, any art lover will revel in a walking tour of the city. The latest San Francisco museum to reopen is the California Academy of Sciences, which used to be housed in its historic location in the famous Golden Gate Park. It still has all the same great exhibits and displays, and is in a convenient downtown location at 857 Howard Street between 4th and 5th Streets, and only a short walk from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Every day from 10am to 5pm you can visit this interesting science museum, which has a colorful aquarium, and an awe-inspiring aquarium. Adults and children both have a great time learning about natural history with its excellent hands on exhibits. Admission to the California Academy of Sciences is $8.50 for adults, $5.50 for kids 12-17, and $2 for children 4-11.

San Francisco Museums
San Francisco Museums

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was the first modern art museum in the western United Stated when it first opened in 1935, and today it still draws crowds for its world class exhibits. Since 1995, the San Francisco MOMA has been housed in a distinctive, modern building fitting for its collect of famous art from the 20th century. This $62 million dollar facility is located right in downtown San Francisco, on third avenue between Folsom and Howard Street. The San Francisco MOMA highlights modern photography and paintings in over 50,000 square feet of space spread out over four floors of spacious galleries, which are filled with natural light.

If you happen to be in Yerba Buena, which is a public park right across the street from the SF MOMA, you'll be able to see parts of the building from the upper level pavilions that you'd miss from the street. This one of a kind structure has a cylindrical tower in its center, surrounded by stepped blocks of cement. Filled with high ceilings and skylights, this is undoubtedly the most pleasant, airy San Francisco museum.

The new home of the Asian Art Museum is equally as impressive. Also in downtown, this is the most impressive collection of Asian Art anywhere in North America. From textiles and furniture to jade sculptures and paintings, the exhibits at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum are extensive enough to entertain the curious visitor for hours. With 40,000 feet of exhibit space, there is enough room to display 40% of the collections 15,000 art objects.

With art from Japan and the South Pacific to the Middle East, visiting the San Francisco Asian Art Museum is like taking a trip through the continent of Asia, from east to west. Next time you visit the Bay Area, make time to visit a great San Francisco museum.

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