Shoreline Amphitheatre

The Shoreline Amphitheatre opened in 1986. Since then, it has figured among the main performance venues in the Bay Area. More specifically found in Mountain View, California, the venue was built as part of the Shoreline Park project and was designed to resemble the Grateful Dead’s "steal your face" logo. Among the events that are held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre are concerts, festivals, and comedy shows. The Grateful Dead, it should be noted, played a total of 39 concerts at the venue. Generally speaking, the best Shoreline Amphitheatre shows are on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Guests are allowed to bring in certain things, such as sealed plastic water bottles and blankets. Other kinds of bottled beverages are not allowed. Guests are also prohibited from bringing in cans and any alcoholic beverages.

Hotels Near Shoreline Amphitheatre

Hotels Near Shoreline Amphitheatre
Hotels Near Shoreline Amphitheatre

Due to its location in the Bay Area, the Shoreline Amphitheatre is within reasonable reach of any number of Northern California hotels. Of course, those who are searching for accommodations near the venue are likely to prefer something that is especially close. Within Mountain View, there are more than 20 hotels and motels to select from, and they offer something to fit a wide range of budgets. Examples of hotels and motels in Mountain View include the Hotel Strata Mountain View, the Hilton Garden Inn Mountain View (pictured), the Hampton Inn & Suites Mountain View, and the Budget Motel. A few cities border Mountain View, and they can also be good places to focus on when trying to find accommodations near the Shoreline Amphitheatre. These cities include Palo Alto, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale.

Shoreline Amphitheatre Seating Chart

Shoreline Amphitheatre Seating Chart
Shoreline Amphitheatre Seating Chart

The Shoreline Amphitheatre is similar to many other outdoor amphitheatres across the country, in that it is an open-air venue that features a fixed seating area that is partially or completely covered by a pavilion and an adjoining lawn area. Examples of other amphitheatres that share these features are the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida and the First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania. At venues such as these, seat-specific tickets must be purchased for those who wish to sit within the covered pavilion areas. The lawn areas are general admission zones.

At the Shoreline Amphitheatre, the total capacity for most events is 22,000. There are 6,500 reserved seats in the pavilion area. The general admission lawn area can accommodate up to 15,500 people. On some occasions, festival stages are set up in what is usually a parking lot, and this can raise the total capacity of the Shoreline Amphitheatre to 30,000. It should be noted that within the pavilion there is ample legroom, as well as sufficient space for moving around or maybe even dancing.

Shoreline Amphitheatre Parking

The Shoreline Amphitheatre is a rather large venue, and especially on days when it plays host to big events, parking on the grounds can become congested. This can lead to significant delays in relation to getting in and out. As a result, some people opt instead to use parking areas that are found outside of the theater grounds. A short walk from an outside lot can be preferable to waiting 30 minutes or more to get your vehicle in or out of the Shoreline Amphitheatre parking lots. Worth keeping in mind is the carpool shuttle that the Shoreline Amphitheatre has to offer. This can be a very convenient and reliable way of entering and exiting the venue, and also helps to reduce vehicular traffic on the whole.

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