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San Francisco entertainment can come in many different forms, and for some travelers, seeing a show will be a main priority when in town. The San Francisco shows range from Broadway productions to experimental performances that are put on by local production companies. Taking in an opera show in San Francisco can be a fun night out, and there's even a venue in town that offers some comical opera performances. From comedy to cabaret, entertainment in San Francisco covers it all, which is just one of the reasons why this northern California city is such a popular tourist destination.

Anyone hoping to see a show in San Francisco can see what's on tap at one of the city's main theaters. These theaters include the Orpheum Theatre, the Golden Gate Theatre, and the Curran Theatre. The historic Orpheum Theatre has undergone renovations, which has helped it take on bigger Broadway-style shows. Part of the joy of seeing a show at the Orpheum Theatre is the chance to marvel at the beautiful interior, which is modeled after a Spanish palace. Both the Golden Gate Theatre and the Curran Theatre are also historic, and they can be every bit as exciting to set eyes upon. Many a musical has been held at the Golden Gate Theatre, while the Curran Theatre offers an intimate theater experience that isn't largely unlike something that you might find on Broadway.

In addition to taking in an opera and watching a Broadway-style production, those who are interested in the 2023 San Francisco shows can also purchase tickets to the ballet. Several local companies put on regular ballet performances, with the winter months being especially busy, and visiting companies add to the schedule at venues like Cowell Theater at the Fort Mason Center and the ODC Theatre in the Mission District.

San Francisco entertainment can run the gamut from classic to raunchy to avant-garde. This city is known for its liberal outlook, not to mention the fact that it is gay friendly. Some shows more unique to San Francisco shows are drag shows. Drag shows won't be everyone's cup of tea when it comes to entertainment in San Francisco, nor will the peep shows that are on offer in the Red Light District. The Red Light District might not be the seedy San Francisco entertainment hot spot that it used to be, but visitors can still see some risqué things here.

Entertainment in San Francisco can also mean enjoying a fun dinner show. In addition to watching the performers do their thing, guests at the dinner shows get to enjoy a satisfying meal. More often than not, the dinner show dinners are multi-course affairs that feature some delectable menu items.

There are lots of options when it comes to San Francisco entertainment, and for some, seeing a show means seeing a concert. A number of bars and clubs across the city offer live music on any given night, and larger venues like AT&T Park are known to host some of the biggest music acts around. Whatever tastes and preferences visitors have, there are San Francisco shows to satisfy them. As such, it's always worth checking the schedule of events when planning a trip.

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