Things To Do In San Francisco

This city has a captivating energy that is unlike any other you’ve experienced. And there are hundreds of fun things to do in San Francisco, from the trendy to the obscure, any day is easy to fill when traveling to the Bay.

Ride a Cable Car

The signature way to get around the city, it’s hard to walk the streets without feeling the urge to hop into one of the forty cable cars criss-crossing their way through the city at any time. It’s by no means one of the most unusual things to do in San Francisco, it is convenient and almost a prerequisite for any traveler here.

Feast in Chinatown

The only place you’ll find more authentic Chinese food is in Shanghai itself. Well-known for its traditional cuisine, the rest of Chinatown - with its myriad shops surrounding the famed restaurants - is equally alluring. Take a trip down any side street and you almost feel as if you were in a bustling Chinese city, which is why an exploratory venture into Chinatown easily makes its way onto any list of fun things to do in San Francisco.

Shop in Union Square

The most well-known of San Francisco shopping districts, you’ll find all kinds of places to spend your money here, from intimate boutiques to some of the largest, most popular chain stores in the country – Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany’s, they are all here.

Drink at The Cellar

The dim light adds weight to the name, but this bar is one of the favorite hangouts for both locals and tourists. Its subtle and tender décor makes a stop here one of the more romantic things to do in San Francisco. A perfect cap to a leisurely stroll around the city, the Cellar has a wide variety of tasty and moderately priced cocktails – perfect for chasing the evening into night.

See the Bison at Golden Gate Park

The great view of the Golden Gate Bridge notwithstanding, the Bison that call this park home are the main draw. Seeing these grand animals contained within one of the country’s largest cities might make you think you took some bad acid down at Haight Ashbury, but rest assured that these lumbering beasts really do call San Francisco home.

Wander Around Ghirardelli Square

Overlooking the bay, perusing the collection of specialty shops and souvenir carts in Ghirardelli Square can be one of the most fun things to do in San Francisco. Though synonymous with the adjacent chocolate factory, the square offers more than just confectionary goods – you’ll also find art galleries and some of the city’s finest restaurants here.

Go Dancing at Space 550

Most every dance club in the city is trendy beyond belief, and Space 550 is no different. But its out-of-the-way location and wide range of music make a stop here a must on any clubgoers list. The hip ambiance and variety of people it attracts make it a little more intimate and less exclusive feeling than some of the other clubs - thus a stop here can be one of the more romantic things to do in San Francisco.

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