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The San Francisco tours offer something for everyone, and there are few cities in the country that offer options that are this attractive. A San Francisco city tour can include any number of great attractions, and it can also help travelers get a hold on this dynamic destination. In addition to guided city tours, travelers can also enjoy solo San Francisco walking tours. San Francisco walking tours can be extremely rewarding, though first-time visitors will want to note that this city is very hilly. Walking up and down some of the steeper streets in town can be a challenge. For those who wish to conserve some energy when it comes to a San Francisco city tour, hopping on a Segway or an electric bike is always an option.

Segway tours have become some of the most popular San Francisco tours, partly because of the fact that many travelers have never ridden on a Segway before. These scooter-like machines do all the work, allowing riders to conserve lots of energy while exploring destinations such as Fisherman's Wharf. One of the other top destinations for San Francisco Segway tours is Golden Gate Park, which is an especially large city park. Golden Gate Park is home to an array of fantastic attractions, including the Japanese Tea Garden and the historic Conservatory of Flowers. As is true of the walking tours, the Segway tours can be either guided or unguided. In addition to Segways, some of the companies that offer San Francisco tours can also provide guests with an electric bike, which can effectively handle the city's hills.

Travelers who are interested in enjoying a San Francisco city tour might want to book an excursion with the San Francisco City Guides. This organization offers free San Francisco walking tours, and they highlight some of the city's best attractions, including the famous Golden Gate Bridge and the renowned Haight Ashbury district. One of the other interesting attractions that visitors can learn about on a City Guides San Francisco city tour is the Coit Tower, which features some impressive murals. These murals are best viewed on the free City Guide tours, as visitors will only get to see a portion of them when visiting the tower on the own.

Walking tours and Segway tours aren't the only options when it comes to San Francisco tours that highlight the city's top attractions. Bus tours in San Francisco are also popular, and they feature some very attractive rates. In addition to pre-arranged tours that are open to the public, some of the bus tour companies also offer charter services, which can be ideal for groups who want to enjoy their own itinerary. In addition to covering the city, the bus tours in San Francisco can also take guests out into the surrounding area. The wine country tours are especially popular, thanks to the proximity of Napa and Sonoma, and other destinations include Monterey and Carmel, the Muir Woods and Sausalito, and majestic Yosemite.

For anyone interested in the bus tours in San Francisco, it is worth noting that limo tours are also available. Much like the bus tours, the limo tours can focus on the city itself or involve trips to regional destinations. The San Francisco tours come in many different forms, and visitors to the city can also enjoy specific museum tours while in town. Other tour ideas include San Francisco Bay cruises and tours of Chinatown. Like the other options, these tours will reward guests with some added insight into one of the most spectacular cities in the country.

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