San Francisco Transportation

There are many San Francisco transportation options that can be used for getting around, and many locals and visitors rely on more than one option. For some travelers, car rentals in San Francisco are the way to go, as having a vehicle allows for greater freedom of mobility. Driving in San Francisco can be a pain, especially during rush hour, in which case renting a car might not prove attractive to some. Car rentals in San Francisco can be most ideal for trips outside of the city, with Napa Valley being one of the most popular side trips destinations.

For those who are driving into San Francisco, renting a car won't be necessary. For those who are flying in, however, renting a car can be both convenient and easy. There are a number of major car rental agencies that have desks at the San Francisco International Airport, and they can hook travelers up with some wheels in a short amount of time, though making reservations in advance is recommended. Cars aren't the only option when it comes to San Francisco transportation, and there are various ways to get from the airport to the downtown area. These options include the San Francisco BART trains, which are not only convenient, but affordable as well.

BART is the shorter name for the Bay Area Rapid Transit. This rail network is used by locals and tourists alike, and it isn't only convenient for trips around San Francisco proper. The San Francisco BART trains travel between the downtown area and the airport, and they also have routes between San Francisco and Oakland. That's not the extent of the network, however. These trains can also be used to get to other Bay Area cities and towns, including the liberal college town of Berkeley. While the San Francisco BART trains can be used for getting to a lot of places in the area, they don't travel to all points in San Francisco itself. As such, many residents and visitors also turn to buses, cable cars, and street cars for getting around. For those with room in the budget, hiring a limousine is an especially attractive San Francisco transportation option.

Wherever visitors want to go in San Francisco, public transportation is available to get them there. When visiting the heart of the downtown area, riding on the historic street and cable cars can be a fun way of getting around. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, or MUNI, operates the city's buses, cable cars, and street cars, and the fares are low. Special MUNI passes can be purchased that allow for discounted rides, and visitors can also consider buying a CityPass, which allows for unlimited MUNI rides for a week. Coincidentally, the CityPass also offers discounts on admission to some of the city's top attractions, and it allows its holders to enjoy a cruise on the San Francisco Bay.

Between the San Francisco taxis, trains, buses, cable cars, street cars, and rental cars, getting around is relatively easy. Car rentals in San Francisco can be ideal for those who want to have full control over their travel schedule, while public transportation can be relied upon for those who don't want to drive. As for side trips to area attractions and destinations, travelers can always consider booking tours that include all transportation. These tours can be especially ideal for trips to the wine country, as guests won't have to worry about the drive home after sampling some of the world's best wines.

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