Santa Barbara Beaches

Often referred to as the American Riviera, Santa Barbara California is a beautiful coastal city that is wedged between the picturesque Pacific Ocean and the stunning Santa Ynez Mountains. Long a popular getaway for those residing in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is worth visiting at least once in your life. Tourism is a top industry in this resort city, and the alluring Santa Barbara beaches are a big reason why. This stretch of the California coast enjoys great year round weather, and since there are so many great attractions in Santa Barbara, it’s easy to see why it’s such a hot vacation destination.

The Santa Barbara beaches are in good supply, so even on the busier weekends, finding a good spot on one of them is usually a breeze. Just remember to bring your sunblock, because even on windy days when the air feels cooler, the sun is powerful here. When it comes to choosing the ideal Santa Barbara beaches for your wants and needs, there are some things to consider, like which beaches offer the most amenities, and which beaches provide more in the way of solitude. For those who want a beach with a lot of amenities in Santa Barbara California, the East Beach might just be the best fit. Some of the best hotels in Santa Barbara overlook East Beach, and it is a top spot to play or watch some sand volleyball. Because of the hotels here, East Beach tends to fill up with tourists, most of whom appreciate the fact that the beach is bordered by a lovely park. In addition to the volleyball courts, the facilities here include picnic areas, a complete beach house for changing clothes and such, snack bar options, a children’s play area, and a bike path that is wonderful for strolling and jogging as well.

Where there’s an East Beach, there most likely is a West Beach, and such is the case in Santa Barbara California. Not considered to be the most attractive beach in the city, West Beach is nonetheless able to attract a good amount of regular visitors. Many come to take kayak and boating-related lessons, and since West Beach is found next to the marina, it’s a nice place to relax while you watch the boats come and go. There are really no facilities on West Beach, save for some volleyball courts and a bike path, but you can easily walk to a handful of restaurants, which are just across the street. Because of all the boating activity at West Beach, it is rare that you will see anybody swimming here.

Swimming is a favorite activity at Goleta Beach, however, so you can always head there to splash around in the water. Extremely popular with both locals and visitors, Goleta Beach is easily one of the best of the Santa Barbara beaches. There is a fine restaurant here, as well as picnic areas, and for those who like to fish, the Goleta Beach pier is an ideal place to drop a line into the ocean below. Long, sandy, and often comfortable in the peak summer months due to consistent ocean breezes, Goleta Beach boasts a busy walking path, food concessions, and volleyball courts. Parking can be hard to find at Goleta Beach, which is its only major drawback.

Covering all of the Santa Barbara beaches on just one page isn’t really possible, so for the sake of providing readers with some variety, El Capitan Beach deserves a nod. Not the largest beach in town, El Capitan Beach is nonetheless rarely crowded. If you are looking for a little more solitude, it’s a great fit. There is a fee to access El Capitan Beach, as it is found on State Park land, but you get plenty in return for the relatively small asking price. Swimming, sunbathing, and surfing are about the extent of the activities that folks here enjoy, so there’s not a lot of commotion, and since you are ten miles from the downtown area, you will feel like you’ve all but completely escaped urbanity. The facilities at El Capitan Beach include public restrooms and showers, picnic areas that are complete with grills and tables, and a weekend general store. Parking is easy to find here, which is a plus, though you will have to pay for that as well.

Other Santa Barbara beaches that deserve mention here are the Carpinteria Beaches, which are among the most beautiful in southern California, and Leadbetter Beach, which enjoys a central location and is often the site for parties, sporting events, and more. Camping is possible at the Carpinteria Beaches, and Leadbetter Beach is prime for all kinds of water-related activities. As if the beaches weren’t enough to convince you to visit this part of the California coast, there are plenty of other great attractions in Santa Barbara to enjoy as well. Among them are the Mission Santa Barbara, which is a beautiful edifice that was founded in 1786, and the Santa Barbara Zoo, which is a keen destination for families. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the attractions in Santa Barbara, and since the cities of Ventura and Los Angeles are within easy reach, it’s near impossible to get bored when looking for things to do during your Santa Barbara escape.

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